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Help for some newbie 'oldies' get through the Snowy

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By wokka - Posted on 08 June 2010

Hi guys,
We are a bunch of guys planning on hitting the fire trails from Thredbo to Tathra and need a little advice on the route. We'll start with 'the pinch' ride down to the snowy but we then need to head east and get to Delegate. There seems to be two tracks over the mountains, the 'snowy creek fire trail' and the 'snowy track'. Has anyone any comments or ideas of the route? Also if this thread is in the right forum?

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Yeah - this is the right place to ask, but am not quite sure what you're asking Eye-wink

The Pinch ride is a nice day ride, but if you don't have anyone to collect you at the bottom of it (by the Snowy River) would be a massive trek out of there. There's no phone reception down there, and I wouldn't fancy driving on the dirt road with no barriers in winter.

Or are you talking about doing a multi-day ride and camping at the huts along the way?

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Yeah, sorry, I should have been more specific. Smiling
We're having backup crews (ie the loyal wife's) meeting us at the snowy, then we were planning on either one long day out to Delegate or one night camp out heading east. Just not sure of the track conditions, camping etc. We're also not going to do the ride till early next year (ie Feb/March) so we'll hopefully get e few weekends to check out the tracks before the main event.
Thanks for reply!

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