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Does anyone know about this??

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By Christoffa - Posted on 20 July 2010

mate of mine sent this to me - does anyone know about it??

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Do you know where your mate got this?

Is the route up and down using the same trail, or is the "Helipad via Bennet's up - Euroka back" saying there will never be any two way traffic. Just racing both ways at the Oaks sounds like a recipe for disaster and I can't see if there's another way.

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Probably why its called Death Pedal Smiling

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I asked him, came to him 2nd hand from a work mate of his who is a bit of mad down hill crazy man. He is trying track it down.
Looks like a spoke card from an ally cat race. so I am suspecting it is some sort single speed riders thing.

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I have no idea but I really wonder if the disorganisers would want this sort of publicity.

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looks like an ally cat type race

ie, unofficial, no permission, no insurance.... Just the thing to piss off land managers and give us all a bad name

Definitely not something that should be promoted openly on teh internets

On the up side, at least now NPWS know about the planned illegal use of their land I suppose

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