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1x9 using triple crank

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By Pietra - Posted on 06 August 2010

I want to set up my steel hard tail (currently a pretty frame on the wall in the spare room) as a 1 x 9

I have an old set of RF Evolve cranks in the spart parts bin - I want to leave the middle ring on the crank spider, remove the big and small rings, remove the front mech and operate as a 1 x 9,

Given a reasonable chain line with the cassette, I can't see any issues with the above - will I need to get a specific chain ring? I can see advantages to getting a thicker middle ring without ramps and pins to increase longevity.

I may also need to get narrower chainring bolts.

Anything else?

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Did the same to my old 92 GT turning it into a 1 x 8 commutter (and my 97 Klein till it snapped). Leave the front mech on and screw in the limit screws in to save dropping the chain too often. You can usally get them in close enough to not need the front cable and shifter anymore.
You will need shorter chainring bolts. Ramped chainring will be fine just maybe get a longer lasting one when its worn out.

Depending on where you ride etc you may think about loosing the middle ring and just using the big dog. After trial and error I found only ever needed big ring with slicks for my commutter so now run 1 X 8 with 44 big dog moved to the middle chainring for best chainline.

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I use an XT ramped middle ring on my XT cranks with a chainguide (SRS+) and have no problems. When I used to run a crappy blackspire guide, I was always losing the chain.

If you're not going to run a guide, you will probably want to get a non-ramped ring or leave the derailleur on.

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