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By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 28 August 2010

Hello everyone. I will be following up from my 5 hour road ride today(Sat 28)with a 6 hour MTB around the Manly Dam area tomorrow(Sun 29).
This weekend will be the peak in my training before the Doctor next week. I'll be in my KOM kit on the blue Pivot.
Feel free to jump in for a lap or say g'day on your way past. See you out there, Darren.

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Wow, that looks an interesting plan with 1 week to go.....does taper start Monday with a 4 hour ride early in the week also ? Eye-wink
I have just started looking at training load plugin for Sportracks and the discussion suggests a longer rather than shorter taper.
Anyhow, good training and good luck for next weekend. I am not sure I could contemplate such an effort at this stage, but who knows, it may be a good thing at the right intensity.

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to know what you do for nutrition on these longer rides.

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Looks like antsonline will have competition to be first nobmobber home in the angry doctor. Hats off to you pivot for your committment. Hope to see you in the sub 5hr brigade next weekend.

As much as I'd love to do a big ride today I started my taper last night with 2 bowls of ice cream with m&m's sprinkled over them accompanied by a bottle of Cab Sav.

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