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575 Gets a good clean and some goodies

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By Rob - Posted on 29 August 2010

What with not being able to ride this weekend thought it was good chance to catch up on some bike maintenance.

The Yeti got it's first good clean in a long time yesterday. Just now it received new shifter cables - both inner and outer. Pretty nice Goodridge outers (in 'carbon') with plain old XT inners. I have to say... what a pain in the @ss it is to get the cable into an X0 shifter (rear only - luckily the front is easy peasy).

Another thing to note is that Yeti recommend routing the rear shifter over the BB non-drive side and then behind and across to below to the rear stay on the drive side. I didn't do that when building the bike and reckon it would be pretty much impossible with this Goodridge stuff given how stiff it is!

Anyhow, easy enough to route under the BB and this cable change was well overdue - looks like it's the first time since Yeti was born!

While packing up thought to check chain wear and... lucky... it's time for a new one. So a new CN-7701 is soaking in degreaser and will go on later. Yes, yes... that sticky stuff chains come in is very good grease, but I like to use wax lube on the MTB so it has to come off before fitting. Looks like the last time Yeti got a chain was in Jan '09. A long time, but according to my Garmin Connect stats only just over 700km ago. The Yeti is my 'fun' bike... looks like I haven't been having enough fun in the last 18 months[1]! Sad

[1] Something to do with a cracked rib at Appin in January followed by too much riding on the road Eye-wink

P.S. Note to self. Yeti needs 168cm outer for the rear and around 50cm for the front.

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