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the new machine :)

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By ADZA - Posted on 10 October 2010

Just tried the new stumpy 29er XXL up around terry hills did about 30clicks on duck holes/perimeter/long today and wow, what a difference from the old hard tail/26er (Giant Alias)
such a smooth and plush ride, triad rear is a godsend and the Reba fronts are so much better than my old Marzocchi's, it's awesome.
love it!

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That XXL makes the wheels look 'normal'. Not at all like big hoops whatsoever.

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Nice bike! You must be a tall bugger

Whats the deal with the Cable run underneath the Bottom Bracket though?

They look kinda loose?

zbdrm's picture

The cables are the same on my 08 Stumpy.
It doesn't affect clearance at all though as the chain ring is still slightly lower (on mine anyway).

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Yeah, I don't know why people worry about that. I mean, when was the last time you scraped the bottom of your BB on something? Chances are you'd be smashing a crank down on the same thing straight after! Eye-wink

You need a little slack on those cables to account for the travel too, eh?

Nice dimensions though - some 29ers can look a bit silly, but not here.

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even if it is a Specialized ,no only joking , I will be heading to the 29er way too when the doc gives me the ok too ride again but mine will be hardtail

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yeh, the 29er's in the small sizes do look funny, although this is a monster sized bike Sticking out tongue so it looks ok Smiling
the cabling is fine Smiling and yes i do need the slack for the rear suspension movement.

don't ditch it just cause its specialized Sticking out tongue its a damn nice bike!!!

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Very nicely proportioned. Smiling

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Which year model is this ?They give it too you for a good price ?

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new 2011 model Smiley,

couldn't find anything decent in XXL anywhere for 2010, didn't move much on price but i get 10% off all gear from them from now on.

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