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Five days in Whakarewarewa Forest

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By Rob - Posted on 06 January 2011

Re: This ride meeting: 
New Year in Rotorua

Around 100 kays of bliss - sure feels good!

I've been having some real trouble with a compressed nerve in my neck and haven't been doing much (any!) MTB for quite some time now. Five days straight seems to have brought back some form but also taken it's toll - the back is feeling decidedly ropey today, but maybe as a sign there is drizzle in the air and this is forecast to stick around until tomorrow arvo - so time for a rest and loads of stretching.

Here are some silly stats:

From the last 5 days: 5 rides, almost 13 hours, around 100 kays (the GPS is not so hot in heavily forested single track - Gary's 805 reads at least 10% longer than my 500 here), 2131m climbed. Very slow average speed, but some good climbs. We haven't even done the good stuff yet, although rode the Yellow Brick Road and then up to Pondy New which is the bottom half of the good stuff... ye-har!

From the previous 3 months: 1 ride, 26 kays.

In fact, the next series of decent rides isn't found until I look back over 6 months in the history. Geeze... no wonder this feels so nice! Smiling

Anyhow, enough for now... more later Smiling

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Good man, time for you to get back on the roadie and show us what that Cervelo can do as well I think...

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I say more mountain biking.

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