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10 speed V 9 speed shifting

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By obmal - Posted on 21 May 2011

Anyone else noticed that the shift feel between 10 speed V 9 speed (both SRAM X.0) seems that the 10 speed is harder to shift (like more tension on the mech)?
Having been riding a 10 speed for a while, I really noticed today when I took the old trusty 9 speed out for a ride and found the 9 speed just shift feels better all round..?

Cables are good on both bikes.

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A mate of mine has the Shimano 10-speed on his Reign, and the shifting is awesome. Much better than nay 9-speed I've ridden, and in my view is so good it does away with my reasons for going to dual-control on 9-speed.

That said, the 9-speed on my Rize was awful towards the end of the 30km I did last weekend. But I just changed two segments of the rear DR cable housing about 10 minutes ago and now it's back to awesome.

Maybe your shifter housing has got contaminated and needs replacing?

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I've got pretty much identical setup on both my bikes but the changing on the 575 is much lighter than on the Arc. I assume that the cable routing plays a large part......
I remember testing the 575 and Rize demo bikes which were both brand new and had identical drive trains, with the 575 changing being lighter and more direct. Again I put it down to cable routing.


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