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Easter Riding

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By groache - Posted on 24 March 2006

Several of the crew are heading off into the mountains for easter riding.
Have fun Dave and crew whom are off to Thredbo for a week over easter.

Michelle and I are having Justin and Liz, Paul Boxal and family down to our lodge in falls creek for a week in Easter moutain bike riding falls creek and Mount Beauty. Mount beuty is famous for its great cross country riding and is a regular host to the asutralian championships.

We will have fun lifts are open all weekend $10 with bike racks

will send a report on this.

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We (the GF & I) will be heading out to West Blue Mountains at that time, if there's any interesting trails out there will also let you know.

Don't forget to take lots of pics and stuff!

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Easter period we have 2 crews heading to the Mountains. Dave and the M.Dam crew are off to Thredbo. I am sure these guys will end up doing the Pinch ride and all the regular tracks off dead horse Gap.

Gavin, Michelle, Justin,Liz Paul and family are off to Falls creek to stay at our lodge. Lifts are open $9 all day with Bike racks. All pumped up for some great riding around the bogon plains and Mt Mckay until this morning. Holy crap the largest low in 10 years for the 5th of April hits town. currently -5 15 cm of new snow. Early winter!!!!!. Tnk goodness we are all mad skiers and have 20 sets of x skis and touring skis in the lodge. Stay tuned guys it could be a funny week, either ski touring or MTB. Kind of warming to the thought of both, anyway its all good news for winter, plenty more lows to come.

Congrats to everyone for a massive turn up at morgan road on sat morning, all up we had about 17 people in 2 groups. Great to have the boys from shut up and ride join us. We featured in their website. A few of us are toiling with a second 2 day trip similar to Great northern Track in 2002, will do some planning with Justin over easter and let you all know.

Keep smiling and as our friends would say shutup and ride.


Gavin (groache)

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Robin, Can recommend this site for trail guides west of the mountains, ie around Lithgow area

I have also been told that the Six Foot Track is a really nice ride, particularly suited for the GF although I am unsure if we are still allowed to ride it, I heard talk about a year ago that it was to be closed to mountain bikers.

There are also some nice trails heading down from Mt Victoria. Names escape me at the moment, I think one of them is Lawsons Long Alley. Basically they are the old roads that used to go down the west side of Mt Vic. From memory BA's Sydney Ride guide has them mapped. I am sure though that all would involve a long climb back up the hill if you treat them as loop rides. I would suggest parking at Little Hartley and heading up first, enjoy the downhill back and then lunch at the old pub at Little Hartley.

Enjoy your trip and post pics please

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