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MTB Skills

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By JJ - Posted on 04 October 2007

Hello all,

Does anyone know of any groups/organisations where you can learn Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced MTB skills? Preferably in or near Sydney.

I know the best practice is time in the saddle but I certainly have picked up a few bad habits (like crashing) on the way,

I did a training course some time ago in the UK it really helped my confidence and let me understand the basics. I would like to hone my skill and learn how to hit the bigger jumps, gaps etc without the damage to my ego and bike.


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This lot spam our forum sometimes:


Not having been have no comment on how good/bad they are though.

I like to learn by watching and following people like the other Rob, Matt, Steve, etc, etc. Although Matt & Steve seem to fall off more than I do, dunno what that says about this method! Eye-wink

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I went to one of their courses last weekend and could not recommend them highly enough. The problem with following others is that can't always break it down for you - they just do what they do. But when you're learning, you need things broken down, you need to practice the basic components until they become second nature.

Whilst we did a lot of practice, we also moved incredibly quickly to tecnhical stuff that I would have sworn was impossible in the beginning, that everyone was taking by the end of the day.

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Cyclinic is waht your after,
Run by Paul Rowney ( ex olympic athlete and all round nice guy) , Aiden Leifman.

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is what you want to be doing, I did one of these a few months ago & can not recommend it highly enough. At the end of the day everyone walked away with new found skills & confidence, plus a cool prize. I will be going back to do another one of these in the new year.

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.....often have training rides. These rides cover the same bit of track over and over and break it down into sections so that you can try new things and eventually make it through. Keep and eye out.

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Trailbreakers session (3 weeks ago) was great for developing intermediate skills and getting lots of confidence on technical parts of Manly Dam. 9am - 3pm and 1 instructor to 4 students meant personal tuition ( can be up to 8 ). By the afternoon I was riding technical descents around the Dam and Bantry Bay with confidence. Recommended. I think it was $175 but now $200. Includes lotsalunch and for the skills improvement I found it value.

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Thank you all for your help i will look into the information provide


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