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Fuji Nevada V's Trek Mamba 29ers

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By DanB - Posted on 02 November 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Gday, relatively new to riding and looking to buy a new 29er bike. Have narrowed it down to the Fuji Nevada and the Trek Mamba. I know very little about what to look for in terms of bike specs. Both are around the $1000 mark. Am looking for opinions on the bikes, good/bad, which is the better buy. Have test riden both and both feel quite comfortable. Thanks

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I've been riding last years Trek Cobia 29er, which seems very similar to this year's Mamba in terms of componentry and geometry (Trek call it 'G2' geometry). My only complaint was Trek's use of Promax Brakes, which caused me some headaches in various ways. Glad to see their using Shimano brakes on the Mamba. Not the top range, but M446 are fine for what an 'introductory' bike is expected to do.

Personally I found the geometry of the Cobia great for XC riding and quite good at tight cornering for a 29er. A lot of my skills improved immediately, it fellt almost like cheating. Not sure if you know, but usually the frames are quite often exactly the same across the whole range, it's just the componentry that differs. So the Mamba will sport the same frame that the more expensive bikes in that series will have.

Trek boast that their 29er forks are custom built for their frames. Not sure about Fuji if they are doing this (or how much difference it really makes).

All in all, I think the Trek Mamba would be a good buy at $1000. Your final decision may come down to a preference thing. At the end of the day, they'll both have a lot of compromises to get down to that price level.

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danb if it was upto myself id choose the trek mamba ive ridin many different types and the mamba's the best ride by a mile Eye-wink the first time i changed to one i almost you know what. The gearings really hard and tough if you know what i mean just how i like my bikes. The nevada isnt so bad it depends how you like your ride very slick but i just like to push hard. Have you been doing any tracks lately if your new to the experience drop me a line maybe i could show you a thing or 2 ull hav to keep up with this bad boy tho. cheers princey

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