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Mixed Nuts - 4th Mont Podium!

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By Whisperer - Posted on 12 April 2012

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The Mont 24 hrs Race 2012
Mixed Nuts
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Foursomes - Honest 40s - Mixed
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Great to get back with Steve01, Gazza and Martine - the 'Original' Mixed Nuts.
Had a great spot in one of the 'premium camping areas' beside the track, and our own Dunny!
Gaz and Steve were in great form, and Martine despite not feeling well all weekend did a 'Xena' impersonation and did amazingly.
I was well trained (the Adelaide Hills rule!), but not quite at the same race pace as Gaz and Steve (who is, those guys are legends!). Still, I did consistent laps circulating in the low 60s. Must admit though, 15hrs driving (from Adelaide) had taken a bit of gloss off my condition.
Anyway, after a well planned start and hot laps to open all round, we held first for a while, but a puncture for Gaz, and a broken chain for Steve dropped us back a bit. The other top teams in the class were riding very hard, and we eventually settled for a comfortable third place after a tough night. 4's is a pretty hard gig, and at the end we were all pretty sleep deprived.
Very happy with the result, and even happier just to be riding the Mont with the 'Mob' again.

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Nice work guys, sad to have missed it.

Sterling effort on the drive W.

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Great work. Looking forward to the opportunity to race down in Adelaide! If only there was a marathon down that way....

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