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How my helmet saved me...

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By Black Flash - Posted on 18 May 2012

Re: This ride meeting: 
Convict 100 2012

Got my helmet back... Going to be needing a new one after my stack at the Convict. Ive already ordered a 2012 version, as the 2011 one worked pretty well in my opinion - after all, i am typing this...
The top is dented and all the damage is to the left temple area!

If you can see on the close up, the cracks going through the foam - spread the impact load very well IMO.

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Here's to stringent safety standards. I'd hate to say it but without that life saver you wouldn't be sharing your story with us (at least this soon anyway).

Here's to a Helmet upgrade me thinks Eye-wink

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You are one lucky boy... >8^O

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then I remember.

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looks like a MET parachute?

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Just needs some Araldite.

How hard can it be?

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The helmet started life as a MET Kaos before become an arty fruitbowl.
@phil - there are cracks through a fair bit - the outer casing is holding it all together.
I looked at it last night and thought myself extremely lucky only to have come out with a black eye and lots of bruising (all the way to my chin!)
I can still see straight, think straight and eat...
And yes! the lttle light at the back still works!!

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