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Bike Advice: Stumpjumper Comp vs Genius MC30

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By Tom - Posted on 20 November 2007

Hi, was gutted last Wed to find my garage open and my slightly ageing but much-loved Giant XTC3 missing. Have just recovered enough to workout that the only way around this is to invest in another bike!

Seems to make sense to go for a dual suspension this time. Could anybody provide an opinion / advice between the Stumpjumper Comp and the Scott Genius 30? Could also look at the Elite/MC20, but not quite conviced at what you get for the extra investment, and for the Scott, have heard that carbon frames can be problematic if you stack...

Am mainly interested in cross - country and trail riding rather than anything too death-defying, and have my eye on one of the 100km endurance events next year..

Thanks in advance for your opinions...

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Hi Tom

I am currently riding an MC30 and love it. I was previously on an Epic which was great but when I moved here from the Uk felt I needed something a bit less cross country orientated. I ride the Scott for everything from 100km events to Polaris, Adventure races and a bit of light freeride. The weight is fantastic and I it is probably best suited to events like Dirtworks where the comfort factor allows you to keep hammering that bit longer than the more aggressive Epic. I haven't ridden the Stumpy but I suspect it will be better for a more freeridey style of riding.

Hope that helps

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Hi Tom,

I am in a similar situation... wanting to upgrade my 5 yr old specialized rockhopper to something a bit better. i am looking at both these options too.

The SJ isn't really a freeride type bike - its not that chunky. there's heaps of NobMob ppl who ride them and they definitely aren't full face helmet kind of riders!! You should get plenty of replies from them...

If i am correct, the SJ comp doesnt have "brain" technology unlike the $$$ models.. So the Scott has a similar style shock (ie three settings) but it comes with handlebar lockout.. a bit easier than reaching down maybe?

Also, I am concerned with the postioning of the shock in the Scott... has anyone had issues with it being so close to the rear wheel - and therefore mud?!?


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Tom I'd suggest trying both (on a trail not a parking lot) as each will have it's good and bad points also worth considering are back issues of MTB mags that may have some head to head tests. For the record I ride a Stumpy and before that was on an Epic and I can say both have their strengths but the Stumpy is the more versatile of the two. That's if you are considering a 2007 if it's the 2008 you're after I've not yet seen one out on a trail but there are some write ups in one of the latest MTB mags.

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Found a great Specialized dealer in Burwood dealer today and they could help you out. They were offering me a great deal with two years service and other bits with heaps of advice for me.I was nearly converted to the Cannondale side before but found you get plenty bang for your buck with a Stumpy. They have a special on the 07s as well.
P.S. I do not work for them but I owe them some support for being so good to me today with great advice and good options. And in this day and age it's really important to give a good word to the decent shops out there. Take note bike retailers, customer service is unparamount, and word of mouth is very important, especially the one in Chatswood which I found to be lousy and only interested if I was going to buy one there and then! Good luck Eye-wink

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Currently ride a MC40, and love it to bits. It has taken me on many adventure and handles everything I through at it. Had no issues with the shock on the rear at all. I have made a mud guard up for it but rarely use it.

Thats my 2cents worth.


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Not that I own either of these two machines, but here's my 2c on the topic:

I briefly considered a Scott earlier this year but gave that idea away due to the weird upside down shock. I know Ev. says it's all good, and sure, it may be for a few years - but what about when it eventually needs replacing? Or you just want to upgrade it? A none-standard shock was one of the reasons I was upgrading in the first place so didn't like that at all. And not that I'm having a jab, but lack of rear hanger might also cause grief!

As for the Specialised? Well, considered an FSR (simlar-ish to the Stumpy) but eventually decided against that and to keep things simple. What else was against this was the adjustable Fox forks on what I was looking at were a bit floppy to say the least - might be a different case with your choice though.

Anyhow - so I ended up with a Rush - simple, single pivot system (4 times fewer bearings to maintain/break) that works really well with a standard shock. Comparable value to the Specialized, but YMMV if you shop around.

Some of the best advice given when I was looking was from Flynny - now come on mate, don't be shy Eye-wink Who said... doesn't matter which manufacturer you spend your $$$ with, they all get their components from the same place and they all have to give you a frame. There's no secret forumla here - if two machines are the same $$$ but one has X0 and the other X7 gear, the builder with the bling will have had to have skimped elsewhere, on frame/fork/wheels/etc.

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Biased of course...

Had my Stumpjumper expert for 2 years plus now. Two flings, Coffs, The Mont... well over 2000Km and only just recently had the shocks overhauled.
All I have changed is the tyres, set of brake pads, a chain and a middle chain ring.
Have had a fairly firm ride set up in the past but recently been exploring the wide range of set ups to improve comfort and handing.
Only a Kg or so heavier than the XTC2 hardtail I have and handles some reasonable sized jumps (1-1.5M)

Great all mountain bike. Not as fast as a cross country bike but more versatile I think.

Certainly try a few to see what suits you.


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Hi, I am in the same dilema. I have a Scott Reflex 30 and I am looking to upgrade. I am planning to do a few 100km rides next year starting with the Otway Odessey and of course Dirkworks. The local shops recomends the Gaint Anthem 1.0 because it has the best parts and is under $3000. The Stumpy expert is a bit pricey but I still wonder if this is not the best choice.

any opinions on the Gaint Anthem?

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Hi, I bought an Anthem 0 4 months ago and do not regret it. Great spec for the price, very light and extremely fast, but as there is no magic formula and it is quite harsh. If you want comfort and/or want to ride technical trails look elsewhere.
I hope this helps.


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But it is a XC race bike it's great for handling fast or tight single track, climbs really well as it's very light and doesn't suffer much bobbing, it's not a great bike to own if you have only one bike, but who would do that anyway? I agree with leopafe technical downhills it's not made for and the stumpy would be better or a Giant reign, I have it's predecessor the vt and am very happy with that.
"Believe it or not, non-cyclists sometimes think they have something interesting to say!"

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i have an anthem also, its a 2007 anthem 1. I use it for enduros, ie 4/8/12/24hr and 100km races. Its a great bike, handles well, climbs well, fairly light (about 11.5kgs or so stock i think when i weighed it last). Its not a bike to tear down a technical descent or jump off 6 ft drops, its designed as a xc race bike, and thats what it does well. I have a few other bikes so i only use it for the enduros or when out xc social riding, i dont want to jump off huge drops so its why i bought this style bike. If you want one bike as more of an all-rounder (maybe all-mountain bike) i suggest you look elsewhere.
my 2c


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Just bought myself a Stumpy Elite 08 last weekend and had the best fun ever. The climbing was excellent and very dangerous (in a good sense)going down. You get loads for your buck. The only thing is the colour and reminds me of nail varnish but my girlfriend says it reminds her of blood so Im going to stick with that. I tried out the Cannondale but found them a bit cheap on the component side and they are going to change there designs next year and already phasing out the Lefty. I also found that Scotts were not that popular on the second hand market and always renowned for breaking frames.
It took me at least 4 years to pick but happy witht the outcome. But hey thats my story. Just try them all out and sorry to hear about the break in, and I know what that is all about.
Good luck

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