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Fling Entries Open Today

shano's picture

What have I done....I am full flinging for the first time! Barf!

Brian's picture

Shane, you've got 18 weeks to train. That's enough time to be aim for 5 1/2 hours or less Eye-wink

Discodan's picture

My finger seems to have slipped and signed me up for the 160 km option, oh crap!

18 weeks to train you say Brian, that will be a challenge from my current levels of rubbishness but it's the only way I was going to motivate myself to get off the couch

Brian's picture

160km. Crazy but good luck...

Discodan's picture

Thanks, you're making me feel so much better.

Did I mention that I've only ever done one 100km event in my life and that nearly killed me (from back pain, I will have a dually by the fling). Before that the last enduro I did was the 2010 half fling and I ended up lying on the side of the track crying to myself when I discovered the hard way about keeping up nutrition.

I may not have thought this through enough

Antsonline's picture

Its a long way. Good luck with that one.

I'm entered into the 'normal' Full Fling, after a 3yr break just doing the 50km. I am nervous.
This race is the scene of some serious mental damage for me - I need to at least finish it this year.

There will numerous training rides out at Wingello - I'll be doing loads there in advance, so will post some up.

obmal's picture

It depends on how fast you want to go.. the fling is kinda tough and 160K of that will be hard no matter how you cut it.

Last year I did a rather slow 110k as I was supporting an unfit buddy, finished nearly dead last, but as I had heaps of time to eat and drink during the race (when the buddy was lying on the side of the track calling for his mummy) when I eventually crossed the finish line (1000 hours later) I felt that I easily had another 50k's in the legs.. but you need to be well aware that the stage cut off times are tight so if your not pacing it easy enough like your on for a 6 hour 110 then I'd think that the 160K's will just about murder you.

stefan43's picture

Same here. Looking forward to my first 100 miler. Hoping to get in around the 9hr mark, but have already nightmares about getting to the finish line just to find that everyone's already left and there's just my car sitting alone in the paddock....

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