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Last minute ride on cascades on Sunday 14th May

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By mitch_f1 - Posted on 13 May 2006

I plan on going for a ride down the cascades in St Ives tomorrow. I will be leaving from Douglas St (the fire tral, not the single trail), and will be riding up to the power station in Davidson, and back (obviously). I plan to leave at around 8:45am. My skill level is probably about average.

So yeh, anyone is welcome. I will not be expecting anyone if no-one posts here, so post here if you intend to come. I will check before I leave. I will wait around 5-10min.

It will proceed weather permitting.

Sorry for being so last minute, but yeh, I need a break from work, and I did lots today, so i need a break.


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Mitch - love to join you tomorrow


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