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From Italy without a bike!

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By zosè - Posted on 27 November 2013

Hi guys! I'm a new member of this awesome forum. I'm from Italy and from Dec 28th I'm gonna spent my holidays around Sydney. It would be great to find a nice place and nice people to ride with. I'll have no bike with me and need to rent one with helmet, knee guards etc. I use to do all-mountain and free ride here in Sardinia and will be awesome to ride new spots around the most beautiful city in the world! I'm gonna stay in Dee Why from Dec 28 to Jan 5th, and read about Manly Dam or Oxford Falls (that seems to be crazy!).

I don't want to bother anyone, but I'm working hard in order to move definitevely to Australia in a few years. I'm a bike-shop-owner and a mechanic as well. I'd like to tranfer my business there and work with MTB folks for all my life! I lived in Sydney in 2009, stayed there for a few months. Unfortunately my fateher got ill and died one year later at the age of 55. I had to go back to Italy 'cause I'm an only son, bla bla bla, pretty sad and so on...I'm looking for two things:

1: a nice spot to ride with friendly people around the Northern Beaches area, possibly a FR spot
2: many people who would like to collaborate with a seriously-fallen-in-love-with-MTB guy by tracing and cleaning trails, promote MTB, selling and fixing bikes, etc.

Visit my web site and write me soon! I can't wait to meet you on your fantastic trails!


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As the Aussies would say g'day mate Smiling

If your into all mountain oxford falls is defiantly a great place, i'm not sure what its like theses days but they also had a bit of freeride a while back. Whats your transport like because trails are not only limited to sydney, but within an hour all ways you can find some great trails if you want. Manly dam is on your doorstep which is good because it has a bit of everything. And don't worry about friendly people out on the trails.

Especially on the forum there are also organised trail care days especially after big storms or a lot of rain, people collaborate to try get our local trails back to normal as quickly as possible.

Theres also the classifieds section on the forum if your looking at buying or selling bikes/gear so be sure to keep your eye out there as there all always some great deals.

Best way to meet everyone would be to organise a group ride on a weekend at the dam or somewhere similar.



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Not sure if these guys are still going but worth a shot given most bike hire shops have fairly tame bikes on offer by comparison

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Hi Jono and Nick76! Thanks a lot for your answers, they're gonna be very useful for me and for my Aussie holidays!

I'm looking for an anduro bike, 150 mm travel on front (at least), but everything I found is about XC bikes. Very goood service at but I need something 'heavier'. If I don't find anything better, for sure, I will call them and rent any bike will be available. For any person who would like to ride with me and a friend of mine, we will be at Manly Dam on January the 4th or 5th, I'm gonna marry in Mosman on Jan the 3rd, I don't wanna be injured before that day! For sure, I'll post the event on this forum to meet someone. Until then, have nice rides and Merry Christmas!


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