You are hereWho from NobMob Moonlights with Turramurra for road rides.. and YES! wears their clothing to boot...

Who from NobMob Moonlights with Turramurra for road rides.. and YES! wears their clothing to boot...

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By christine - Posted on 14 March 2008

17% (5 votes)
Steve (cecil)
7% (2 votes)
38% (11 votes)
24% (7 votes)
14% (4 votes)
Total votes: 29
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but who obviously checks out road riders as they go past?

Well, we all know the answer to that one now, don't we!!

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bazaar totally bazaar....

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i am usually trying not to run them over.. however! at a recent social event it came to light that some of the nobmobber boys are riding with Turramurra and wearing their clothes as apparently you have to buy their clothes to ride with them
i am disgusted - however! the nobmobber/s in question have a thousand reasons why it's ok... justification hey!

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I am disgusted that some of you people have even voted for me.

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Maybe we could make people buy nobmob jersey's to ride with us Smiling?

Liam, I was surprised you were on the list!


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Are you disgusted with the thought of road riding or the requirement to buy the clothing before a group ride?


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Hey Ditty - I have more votes than you right now, what's that all about? Someone is just trying to get a raise I think.

Sorry guys, it's so completely preposterous as to not worry me at all! Sticking out tongue

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dont you have to vote to view the thread? hence the votes?
wonder why no one voted for steve either way?

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I am beating Shaun & Steve for the first time ever Smiling I bet they make me pay for that on the next road ride!

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because Steve has defected to road riding most people don't know who he is anymore!!
i know, i know, he DID ride yesterday off road... Smiling

And as for Rob, he has that closet road bike thing that would account for his votes...

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looks like your secret is out Liam! Shocked
That's horrible!!
Well at least you can ride in lycra from now on, I am sure people will understand... Eye-wink

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This poll, including putting me in it with votes, is totally preposterous. It's an outrage that won't go unpunished.

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I've been hoping to do a few different road rides with different groups, in training for the Dirtworks and was wondering when and where the Turramurra boys start their rides.
Thanks in advance.

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he knows!!!! no, dont john. i think the boy's tormented enough! Eye-wink

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I think he was much better when he was taking his medication.

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This comment has been moved here.

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Roadies who have such rules bring shame onto all sentient beings. Even the Dalai Llama hates them as stated in his new book The Art of Happiness when using a hot-wired bulldozer to edited by user. reason: not very nice.
Someone using the registered user's computer.

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oh my god your not serious you have to buy their undergarments to ride with them??!!?? i mean, personally id rather have my fingernails slowly pulled out then do anything like syncronized roadie riding with matching lycra.. but really?? you have to wear their stuff?? who are they?? is it like cool kids club or something? or some nancy version of the 90's colour gangs? im in shock i think i need to lie down..and then go car door some roadies to make me feel better Smiling (just jokes before everyone gets all precious Eye-wink
still whats the difference between a roadie gang and a bucket of sh*&? ..the bucket hahahaha oh sorry..

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Even from a different continent, the thought of Liam being branded a lycra wearer (or wearing branded lycra) cacks me up! I sure the other gym net-users must think I looking at porn Eye-wink

Liam - embrace the 'fear' mate!

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Oh I fear, don't you worry. I fear for my image by even being associated with this poll. I fear for the masculinity of off-road MTB'ing with losers defecting to wearing condom suits and riding on the road. I fear that latte's have become acceptable beverages when the normal post ride beverage involved alcohol. Pinky fingered latte drinkers. I fear many things.

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