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Access from Morgan Rd Fire Trail

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By pommygit - Posted on 12 February 2014

All - Having never ridden Oxford falls.

Can I access Wakehurst Parkway, from the Deep Creek eastern end of the trail. (Legally of course).

Or do I simply turn around and ride the way in.



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Well - Deep Creek itself is not an authorised riding trail so please avoid that.

However... at the very East end of Morgan Road Firetrail there is (or at least used to be) a very steep and slippery chute called 'Gutterball'.

This isn't within the National Park boundary so it's fair game AFAIK. It spits you out very close to the parkway.

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No worries with Deep Creek will stay away.

Im looking at riding from

Cromer Rd - over to Red Hill - Oxford Falls - round the lake and home

Any tips on trails I should try on the way

Cheers in advance


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I have done that exact ride a couple times, terrible ride and I wouldn't bother doing it again.

But anyhow its a pretty simple route, Red Hill just keep heading west till you get to the parkway, then right onto Oxford Falls road and then its a road ride through to the start of the downhill track on Morgan road (very top left hand corner after lizard rock), then follow slippery dip trail all the way to gutterball, after an interesting but mostly unridable descent turn right at the very bottom and follow the trail/road to the parkway, then its the "multi-use trail don't forget to yell strava as you dash between the walkers and kiddies on bikes with training wheels" way back around the lake to cromer.

Of course there's a dozen ways to get through Red Hill to the parkway and a bunch of verboten very naughty naughty trails left and right of slippery dip, fines are large if you do get caught.

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Is riding down from Redhill to Cromer Valley Road Illegal? Through the middle? haven't done it yet and am quite keen. do the Loop around the lake that way, yelling "Strava" of course... note, that was sarcasm, I am very respectful of the shared lake trail Eye-wink

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