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Cyclists to be licenced

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By DudeistPriest - Posted on 02 May 2014

Now I know this is a Mountain Bike forum, however, a few of us also do a bit of road riding, so for those of you worried about bike accidents on our roads, the Minister has the answer:

"Licences for cyclists should be considered as a way to combat traffic collisions, the NSW Roads Minister has said."

and furthermore:

"Mr Gay said he would consider banning cyclists from certain roads in the name of safety." Might have to rethink your daily commute?

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Remember his threat from opposition to rip up all the Sydney City cycle lanes? Gets into government and then gets told by his own department that they'd been consulting with Sydney City Council the whole time, and the lanes' placement was based on their advice.


So here we go again.

He seems to forget that 99%+ of cycle commuters are alreacy the holders of driving licenses.

It is drivers who cause the majority of cyclist injuries and fatalities. A recently published University of Adelaide Centre for Automotive Research analysis of hospital admissions for the 3 years from 2008 to 2010 found – based on police data – that drivers were at fault in 79% motor vehicle involved collisions.

Licensing cyclists is going to fix this how, exactly, Mr Gay?

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As mountain bikers we will still need licences too, in the same way that motor bikes need to be registered even riding off road

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mtb riders would only need one riding in state forest, as they are still legal roads, not singletrack

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If licensing users is the solution to accidents, how come just about every road incident involves a licensed driver?


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We aussies love our burocratcy. There is votes up for grabs. Duty of Care? Bullshit!

avarage is cyclists death is 35 per year. OK its double this year. so its 70
pedestrian deaths 194!!!!
drownings 291in 2013

It seems we need a licence to walk on the footpath & go swimming as well

fair go. I have more chance of getting killed driving. but getting killed driving and if i have a suddenly OK?

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Re: the graphic below, this is after RMS does their best to nobble them by prioritising cyclists at the bottom of the food chain with the traffic light priority at all the intersections.

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The government needs to consider other countries before propose any policy.

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The Police do not enforce helmet laws now a licence for cyclist's???-lets see how they enforce it?

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Anthony Albanese is on the right track

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