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Schwalbe Procore?

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By spindog - Posted on 04 February 2015

anyone managed to score a set of these and test them out?

stock seems hard to come by at present.

I'm thinking these offer will offer all the advantages of tubeless without the risk of burping.

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i would be very very very very very keen to see how they go. Such a great idea but there pretty expensive if i recall $200.00 or something?

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yep..agree to price is a bit off putting but now they've come up with a single valve system to replace the two valve version they originally proposed I so wanted to see if anyone's taken the plunge yet?
I reckon the price will drop pretty quickly after the initial price gouging you see when something new hits the market ..

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$256 at Chain Reaction, Not completely unreasonable as that is the kit for 2 tyres.
However, my concern is what are you going to do when you DO get a flat? Just limp home I suppose. At least now I can just whack a tube in and I'm good to go.

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agreed the initial asking price is a big turn off however lots of riders are happy to fork out $300-$400 for a dropper post...I'm thinking a $100-$150 bucks (in a few months time perhaps) may not be a bad option to get the all the traction advantages of running low pressure (like tubeless) and yet avoiding pinch flats and burps. no issues about carrying a spare (std) tube just in case, its pretty cheap insurance!

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You could do the ghetto version with a road tyre, there are a few that have done it but you need two holes.

Also 3-$400 is completely reasonable for a dropper post, $200+ for some fancy tubes is taking the piss. Also, I wonder if we will still need to follow the wide rim trend if we move to PROCORE?

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At $100-150 i would defiantly give it a go.

$ for $ i think you would get much better bang for your performance buck going the pro-cores over a dropper post. Ive got a dropper post and yes i love it but wouldn't you be better off with more grip over a wonky seat post? Especially as a beginner? Just buy both i guess Laughing out loud

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Yeah I don't see it, a dropper post goes up and down, the idiot on top can't really stuff that up. I'm a fatty, if I get over the back of the saddle there is no coming back for me so a dropper is a necessity.

How many riders check tyre pressures at the start of every ride or use an accurate gauge instead of the dodgy one on the pump?
People love buying awesome bikes, suspension, wheels etc etc but loads wouldn't know how to get the most out of the components they've bought and I can see people talking this up even if they have it set to their normal pressure.

It is definitely a cool product for the people that push hard enough or actually ride through the rock gardens instead of taking the Strava line, it would be wasted on me.

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I've been running a ghetto version on my DH bike for about 6 months now and have had no issues with it. It sucks up square edge hits beautifully. Had to drill two holes. Search in rotorburn and you will find my post about it with photos.

Downsides are extra weight (but can run lighter rim and tyre) and changing tyres as its a pain in the a** with two tyres on the one rim.

I am definitely buying their version as it works so well and gives you heaps more confidence to bomb through rough rocky sections knowing that your rim wont be destroyed.

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I personally wouldn't use it on my XC bike but can see massive advantages on the DH bike. Because of the pressure used on the inner bladder it will really protect my carbon DH wheels. Lower pressures can be run without burping, rolling the tyre off or rim damage!

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they ship to Aus but this German store has it for $185A when you deduct VAT. If they have it at that price I don't think it will be long before other stores that will ship down under have it under $200A

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could be the issue! looking at this site appears they don't have any in stock either just like Chainreaction
hopefully competitive forces kick in sooner rather than later and the price drops to something more appealing.
wonder if any of the other manufacturers are working up a version?

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