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New bike path proposed for Kent st in the City

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By ljewell - Posted on 24 May 2006

Thought this might interest some people who commute into the city:

The following is sent to you for your general information on the problems facing cycling and triathlon in NSW

This incentive allows a great advocacy opportunity and it will only take a few minutes of your time. That time however could / will make a whole lot of difference for the whole population for a very long time ... for details of what, why, how and by when read the rest of the information on this email ...

As a cyclist most of you will apprecitate a moment to lend your support to this fantastic, health-promoting infrastructure project, and circulate it to others who could do the same.

The City of Sydney is proposing high quality bike lanes along Kent Street to connect the Harbour Bridge with Town Hall & Pyrmont Bridge.

It is very important that we all show The City just how much support there is for this fantastic high class cycleway to provide a crucial north south link since there may / will be opposition to the project.

Take just one minute: send an email to:

Allan Saxby,
Senior Project Manager at

or call him on 9265 9055
to say that you support the proposal. If you like, you can add why you think it's a good idea, if anything that should be added, or suggestions regarding the project.

DEADLINE is 31 May. Time is short. Email today and please bcc or forward your email to

Please pass this on to your bicycle inclined friends.

Your TriNSW Team

More info:

For an excellent detail justification for all the reasons why it makes sense to provide bike lanes on Kent Street:


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