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Ourimbah Forrest

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By Tomp93 - Posted on 02 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys

Just recently new to mountain biking and wanting to know if ourimbah Forrest would be suitable for me to head down and give a go, plus is there plenty of signage for trails as I don't want to get lost haha
Thanks in advance

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Honestly..probably no and no.

If your confident its a lot of fun. Otherwise its quite rocky and steep at times along with very poor signage. Its more all mountain then xc but i haven't been there too much, others feel free to weight in.

Where abouts are you mate?


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Thanks Jono
I use to mtb a lot a few years back but haven't been back in the saddle for over 5 years
So it is taking a while to come back to me
I am currently only a 5min drive from there (or a 15min ride) that's why I thought I would ask
Thanks mate

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Its not a hard trail,, you'll probably just need to get your confidence back a bit. And defiantly someone to show you around, its pretty confusing.

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Yeah it is a pretty confusing place to ride but for XC it is a whole bunch of fun, lots of thought put in to the trails down there, they reward you a lot more as your skills/courage improve.

It's all fun on a hardtail, even the DH track is fine for a hardtail.

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Get there have a go if you go through the week then it's not many crew on it just get off where you find it too hard and walk there are a heap of bits you would love and there is enough signage to get you around a loop
Just go hit it up you can only get better

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I have ridden quite a bit at Ourimbah over the past year and I don't think it's particularly difficult to find your way around, yes there is a few different route options and A line/ B line choices but you will ultimately finish in the same spot if you follow the arrows marked xc. Ourimbah isn't the easiest course technically if your a newbie but if you are very confident I'd say give it a go anyway just get off your bike and check out the A lines first before riding them especially the first one that says "big drop"

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Thanks guys for all the feed back
I am going to head there next week some time providing we have no rain, put the old bike through its paces and see how I go
Fitness will be the real killer

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It's not a hard course at all, stick to the XC loop and you'll have a ball. It's probably the best mtb course within an hour or so's drive from Sydney and you'll be back there at the first opportunity.

Here's a Strava link to the xc course.

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Agree with PeteB... It's a hoot, my favourite place in NSW. Parts are technical in places but overall manageable if you ride within your limits... You'll pickup confidence no time at all... Just let the bike roll and keep your weight over the back wheel when heading down...

If you want a smoother re-entry to MTB head up to Awaba, great track and super signage...

Enjoy... We all learn from riding and having fun

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I disagree with the comments about how hard the course is. Tomp93 please let me know if you want to go for a ride out there with someone as I would be happy to show you around and pass on some useful info that has been given to me about how to ride the course; I am not what could be considered overly skilled!

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