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By shane2493 - Posted on 16 July 2015

Does anyone here have any maps of the bushland adjacent to the Newcastle link road, on the left heading out of Newy? Went for a sweet ride through there today, there's obviously a lot of moto and 4WD stuff but there's plenty of fun to be had on the motorless bike!

Is there much on the Wallsend side of the link road? Looking on Google maps, theres a ton of space over there. Better put my explorer hat on again..

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There is heaps of dirt bike stuff on the Wallsend side, but a lot is good to ride the MTB on as well. I ride all the tracks out that way on my dirt bike, and also ride the MTB. I reckon the Wallsend side is better on the MTB than the Glendale side. I dont reckon there would be any maps of these spots. If you go into the bush at the Minmi Rd roundabout (second one as you head away from Newcastle) on the R/H or Wallsend side, you will be at the start of some beaut trails. This is where I mostly ride the MTB if I am out this way.

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if you're into some interesting trails, head out towards stockrington, and try and find the tunnels. Just not after rain

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OK cheers I well check out the right side too, still PLENTY to see on the left that I will have to make time for.

I have rode from near mt sugarloaf to stockrington once before, but I did not find the old railway tunnels. They were at the back of my mind but had no idea where they actually were.

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The railway tunnel you can still ride is this one

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