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Nowra trail conditions?

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By hawkeye - Posted on 08 February 2016

I'm heading down near Nowra for a few days on personal business and am thinking to take the bike. The question is which bike - roadie or XC.

What are the trail conditions like down that way at the moment? Rideable or muddy?

Am hoping a local can give me a heads up.

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FWIW - I was down for a glorious week at Callala Beach in January and bemoaned the fact that I only took my MTB, as the roads out from Nowra to Callala and onward to Currarong have a cycle lane each way on them and begged to be ridden.

It rained quite heavily the day before I got there, but rode Butterfly and Superbowl the next day and they were dry as.

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Sweet DH track out near the airport Smiling

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I don't think so

Funny man ... lol!

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with a couple of random female riders from near Manly, and had a blast. Really good fun trails.

Why is it so hard to get stuff like this accessible for riders in northern Sydney?! Sad So sick of having to drive more than an hour for a decent trail network!

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To be fair Hawkeye, you're in Nowra. There's a lot of vacant land down there.

I think for an area as densely populated as Northern Sydney we do pretty well. I reckon the closest thing to Coondoo, which is one of my favourite tracks, is H2O and that's a 30 minute drive. Then you've got OMV and the Snives sniggle plus all the fire trail of Terrey Hills. The work at the dam means you've got 20k of pretty good riding right at your doorstep.

If you drive for an hour you can do Ourimbah, Mt Annan, Wylde, Yarramundee, RNP or a heap of lesser known tracks.

Pus we have some of the best beaches in the world and a world class city.

All up I reckon we're pretty lucky. Sure, we could have more but it's a bit hard to complain about what we have.

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H@O will become authorised in one form or another thanks to recent developments coming from left-field, but most of the rest is subject to arbitrary closure at the flick of a low-level bureaucrat's pen.

Given that we have ~300x the population of Nowra, I think we could do very much better than a mere 20km.

If you got all of northern Sydney's riders (~9,000, not including those who don't use strava) and tried to squeeze them front wheel touching back on the available authorised singletrack, they wouldn't physically fit!

This is the scale of the shortfall in supply of trail versus demand that people don't seem to appreciate.

We need to be rattling our pollies' cages. Yet again, another promising 'trial" (Bantgry Bay) has stalled, with no more provision since and a view developing among the middle ranks of the NPWS that enough has been done. Deja vu all over again.

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