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First convict

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By Tom M - Posted on 02 May 2016

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Convict 100 2016
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44km Male Senior
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After being without a mtb for 6 months my new trek arrived the week before the convict, so what better place for a first ride then a race. I've been keeping fit on the road bike while the mtb was on order, however after the bobbin head classic I came down with shingles which kept me off the bike for 4 weeks.

So I lined up in the 44km event with hardly and riding under my belt since March but looking for a fun ride on some new trails. I'm always surprised how fast everyone starts in races like this only to slow up 5ks in. I just rode my own pace on the way to jacks climb. It was a long walk to the top for most riders in the 44km event, me included. I started making up positions once over the top of the climb but came out on the road to the canoe bridge alone. No one in sight ahead or behind.

I put my head down and cracked on slowly picking off some rides, but found no one to work with. A quick stop at the feed station and onto the canoe bridge. I was concentrating so much on not falling in I got to the other side in the wrong gear and could make it up the bank.

From here it's a 12km ride along settlers road for the 44km riders. Again I could not find anyone to ride with. It's at this point you think I'm doing well overtaking riders until some top 100km racers fly past like I'm standing still. With 5kms to go I meet up with a nice chap from the 68km race and we proceeded to work together to the finish.

Overall I really enjoyed the day and event vibe. It's nice that they announce all the riders as the crossed the finish line. I learned a few things with my new bike setup, fork was to hard, shock to soft. Had the front tyre wash out twice but stayed up just. And I learnt to wear a jersey with pockets so I don't have to put my gels in the camel pack which resulted in me not stopping to eat. Really could have used one at the top of jacks track.

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I'm with you there that it hurts immeasurably more when there's nobody around, particularly on the road sections where you're just dying for a wheel to hold onto. Glad the bike turned up just in time - pretty brave to start out with a race but very solid time on a very difficult 44km!

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Good on you Tom. Things like bike set up, carrying gels, when to take them and your spares etc all come with experience. 68km next time?

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Yes I think 68km next year would be the go.

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