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Great day out!

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By danielschipper - Posted on 25 June 2016

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Shimano MTB GP Round 4 - Ourimbah
Stumpy Giant
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It was a cold morning and I was coming off a hectific few weeks at a new job and carrying a cold so not much training for the last 2 weeks.

@ahein and I teamed up and decided late that we'd just do the 4 hour. A very good decission that made it a fun day rather than a hard slog. We agreed that I'd head out first, a decission I realised would possibly have me doing 4 laps... Into the first lap with the cold air and still a bit sick I felt like I was riding with about 70 lung capacity. Pushed through it though a happy with the first lap just under 40 minutes.

Adam the took over and I had a rest. I love this race format!!

2nd lap I felt really good and knocked out a 36 then handed back to Adam. Coming in on his 2nd Adam had a moment and burped the front tyre but put in the hard yards riding up the switch backs on 10psi!

3rd lap and it was becoming clear that my legs were burning but a 4th lap was looking likely. Came in from the 3rd lap around 3:20 mark... This was going to be close. I then had a look at the timing and realised we were 9th in category and 16th overall. I decided I couldn't risk losing a few places just because I couldn't be bothered riding one last lap.

So at 3:50 went to the change over. 3:55 and the 5 minute call for the end of the race. 3:58... 2 minute call no sign of Adam. 3:59:30 seconds and figured we stick with 6 laps. Then around the corner comes Adam and his Fluor helmet. "We're 9th, it's a race, I'm going to smash out another lap".

Well I didn't exactly smash out lap 4 but I did get it done in around 42 minutes with legs starting to cramp up the last switchbacks. It was a great feeling to cross the line knowing we'd both given everything!

Thanks for the ride Adam! Great fun. Also thanks to @fatboy for letting us hang out on your picnic blanket.

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Great to meet you today Daniel. I can't think of another venue where you just have fun the whole lap. Most tracks have their good spots but also the grinding boring parts this one just kept the smile going the whole lap. Great effort getting 9th in a competitive category.

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Was an awesome day and the track was fun. Well done on smashing out that last lap Daniel and thanks again fatboy for letting us join you on the rug both Daniel and I loved the school gossip Eye-wink

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Yeh Liz said poor Daniel copped the worst of it. She's taking after her mother in law - if there's a moment of silence just fill it with random words.

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Reminded me of my 6 year old. She loves a chat.

Will have to get my girls along to the next race; they can bring their bikes and race together!

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