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By pikey - Posted on 13 July 2008

Every night 10:00 pm - 2:00 pm ?
12% (6 votes)
Every night from 10:00 pm untill you crash?
34% (17 votes)
Tape the race and watch the following day?
10% (5 votes)
Watch the highlight shows?
24% (12 votes)
Follow the race via the news reports?
16% (8 votes)
Don't Care?
4% (2 votes)
What's this TdF?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 50
Bruce's picture

Less than two weeks to go.
Must get sleep soon.

Andrew's picture

10pm-2am..... But I get paid to watch it. Laughing out loud

Alysum's picture

there is no option for those who are in france SadLaughing out loud
I live at the bottom of the famous Mont Ventoux but they aren't going over it this year Sad


ar_junkie's picture

Cadel you beauty!

Buck's picture

That was an awesome effort. Especially his heavy fall yesterday.

Those hills are scary. Hurts just watching it on TV!

lorrie's picture

watching it at 10am sleeping and then watching the end?

Go Cadel!!!!

ar_junkie's picture

PM? Eye-wink

lorrie's picture

waking up to watch the end at 1am, watching the taped copy never has the same amount ot fun

(hmmm insert sarcastic comment next Eye-wink )

Stuart M's picture

as you said if you're not watching a taped version. Is it on delay telecast for you or are you so advanced you actually preview the next nights stage 12hrs before the rest of us?

I think it was the 10am not 10pm that Shaun was referring to Eye-wink

lorrie's picture

sorry i meant watch a bit at 10pm sleep and then wake up for 1am

pikey's picture

As you work at SBS making sure the race goes to air without a hitch could you not phone the organisers in France and tell them that your mates in NoBMoB (Aust)are getting very tired and would like the start of the race put forward two hours!

See how you go Smiling


Don't worry what other people are thinking,
because most of the time their not. Eye-wink

Andrew's picture

I just rang them.
The response was: “De bonnes choses valent la peine d'attendre.”

What can I say to that. Eye-wink

Buzz's picture

How about "get a big black dog up you frenchy"

Go Big or Go Home

Stuart M's picture

well worth the wait Andrew

Buck's picture

Cadel doesn't seem to like the media too much does he?!

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