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By blackbetty - Posted on 23 September 2008

Anyone keen for this on sunday (28th, this weekend). Does anyone know if any racing is due for that Sunday because this is just purely to scope it out and I wouldnt want to be in the way of racers. If people are keen ill lock in a ride meeting. Either way, the old man and I are gonna go check it out as we've never ridden there before. Im sure the trusty rides section of this site will help us out.

PS, the Giant got its first DH race the other week but under the command Dad as I was away on training. He pulled about a 4:50 odd time on the ourimbah DH course which I reckon is pretty good considering his age (He won his category for super masters +50). Ill probably look at doing the final round in october some time and see how I go.

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Looks like there will be a club round on that day.

I'd be keen on trying this someday though.

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awesome time man! sub 5 mins at ourimbah starts to get pretty hairy! yeh im out this weekend as forks being rebuilt again..and dave snapped his big hit so hes out for a while Sad id be up for awaba soon though if you can give a few weeks notice, or better for me a monday would be great if poss..gotta get up there its getting silly now lol!

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yeah rightio, we may have to try Saturday then.

Yeah he did really well. He did it last week again on the Cannonade Prophet with a time of around the 530 mark. He said he got a few weird looks taking it down and wished he'd had mine to go on again.

Wait out on the OxFalls idea, I'll have to check my plans and get back to you.

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I was wondering about what fun riding I could do on Saturday, so this may work for me. I'll sit back and await some details...

You gotta watch out for your old man, Liam. He will be faster than you mate!! Laughing out loud

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