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Ultralight XC innertubes

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By mclutterham - Posted on 28 September 2008

Anyone know what the best ultralight XC innertubes are for a reasonable price and where I can get some on the net or in a store? Cheers Matt

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Sorry, but I've found them unreliable and you would be better to go tubeless than the high risk of a flat tyre with ultralight tubes in a race.

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Although they are unreliable because they are so thin. Tubeless is the way ahead.

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I have been using the Maxxis flyweights for the last year or so & had no problems with them, the only punctures I have had were my own fault for running silly low pressure (32psi) if I keep them above 35psi they seem to be just as reliable as other tubes. Also using them with exception series crossmarks which have been fine.

Just take care on rocky trails like GNR & choose your lines carefully.

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Like Bruce said Maxxis flyweights are great I would only add that I used mine with talcum powder on the tube and inside the tyre which lets the tube move around inside the tyre and reduces the possibility of pinch flats. Running 33psi in the rear I only had one pinch flat over about a period of a year or so and that was on a high speed run down the Oaks single track everyone gets a pinch flat there at some point.

Now I run welterweights in the 29er its a pity they don’t make the flyweight in that size.

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I forgot to mention I also throw a hand full of the magic powder in the tire, works a treat!

The tube might only be 0.4mm thick but they seem to be much better quality than a lot of the cheaper heavy tubes & they even come with a nice rim strip.

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There are two thoughts on talcing the tyres.

1. It lets the tube slip a bit so reduces the chance of the tube being caught between the rim and a hard spot... pinch flats (Enduro moto guys actually oil there tubes)

2. It lets the tube slip a bit which causes friction between the tube and tyre resulting in it wearing quicker and an ever so slight increase in rolling resistance.

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Interesting this talk about talc to reduce punctures. So I can put any kind of talk inside the tyre including lavender scented talc? Eye-wink


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The scented stuff is good it makes the bike smell nice.

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It smells like babys and some chicks dig that smell.
I fully rate using talc no pinch flats since I starting using it.

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