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What could have been?

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By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 02 January 2009

2 Jan 09

Alas some noobies stopped on the single track on a slope and i had to get off the bike to get past.
Oh what time could i have done i wonder? 86% average and 96% peak!

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Ah... come on - you could have gone harder after that little rest while passing the noobs Eye-wink

You've knocked 4 and half mins off your Dam time since September (lookie here: Haven't been eating much xmas pud have you! Sticking out tongue

Nice one though - and well done for not scaring the noobs too.

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Thanks for noticing Rob.
it wasnt too long ago i was a nobbie too.
and a fast lap is not that important as to be rude or knock some one over!

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Hi Darren

That's a fast time mate.. you must be loving that new bike Smiling

Your improvement rate is really impressive. What has been the areas you are working on, fitness or technique?

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Fitness mostly. i have been riding properly for about 7-8 months and have come to a point where i
knew i was getting the distance and time in the saddle but was no longer getting the intensity i
needed due to my increased fitness.
so, there was only one thing for it and that is Tuesday night spin class. i now use a heart rate
monitor at all times whilst riding and constantly strive to get my HR as high as possible. apart
from the sudafed one off a week or so ago(114percent = 214bpm) my max so far is 96%( 180bpm). AND i have
ridden the hill at manly twice now in the 3rd ring on front and 3rd gear at the back.seated.
Suunto heart rate monitors are awesome. they even tell you a training effect (TE) rating from 1-5.
and recommends you do a 4-4.5 twice weekly. and longer slower distance stuff other times.
As far as technique goes i just pay attention and try new lines when the opportunity arises.i find
that i ride on instinct and seem to develop technique as i go. i probably could use some pro instruction
although i find when i ride with good riders i see things they do and analyse it. it does help.
and seeing what lines others take too.
And yeah, the new bike is helping.and maybe even something to do with the new shoes that match my hubs?
did someone just mutter goose under their breath? Smiling

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Cheers for the info Darren, I know what you mean about the spin classes. I have been going as well and find that they help me too.
I've yet to sit down and analyse my HR, but I know there is a lot to be gained from doing so, you are the proof I would say Smiling


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Was that you that passed me and my mate on the rock platform? If it wasn't you then it was someone incredibly fast! I yelled out as he screamed past up the boardwalk.

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did you and your mate have padding and full face helmets on? i think it was me!
nice to meet you... albeit briefly!Smiling

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No that wasn't us. I did see a guy with a full face helmet though. Full face for Manly Dam? Seems a bit extreme.
I occasionally wear knee pads, glad I did on Sunday, I was on a quick one but came off at the bottom of the downhill. No harm done though, bounced back up, saw there was no blood and carried on my charge to the Hydraulics lab.

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A guy I know just did a double lap of Manly Dam in 55 minutes riding his new Scott Spark 10.

He has covered it in black electrical tape so that his wife doesn't realize he bought a new bike!

He is a freak but alas too shy to post his times on nobmob.

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gr8t, must remember that one.....just a little bit to much work....
I like the way someone only buy's blue bikes!!!!!

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the guy with the full face etc was the one i had to get off the bike to go past.
im sure you and your mate were on top of the triple steps just in between the two single track sections.
i just assumed you were with fullface dude. must have been you guys or we wouldnt be discussing it
in such great detail!
and to- NICKR tell you mate to post his time. we all would love a chance to try to beat it
(if thats even possible!). we might have to get wazza on the job!Smiling

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im sure you and your mate were on top of the triple steps just in between the two single track sections.

Yeah I had just finished the section as you came flying past to go up the boardwalk. I yelled out "hotlap" to you.

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Oh gosh its you! its getting a bit like a love story now don't you think? chuckle.
I'll be back out there on Friday and it'll be my last chance to put in before the 4 hour on Sunday.
I might have to try 2 hotlaps in a row without stopping just like nickr's mystery mate. thatll do it i reckon!

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