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specialized enduro pro carbon for sale

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By GAZZA - Posted on 13 January 2009

selling my beloved bike. Got this in late 2007. Its worth 8 grand new. It's in excellent condition and hardly ridden in the last six months. The fork internal and rear shock are 2008. Ill put some photo's up later and give specs on request. Feel free to p.m. me if you need to ask any questions. Thanks, gazza. Sorry for the lack of info but im doing this from my phone.

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its a medium and i want 3800 for it.

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This is a real bargain, so for those in the market for a hot bike at a hot price then here it is. I should know. At work, this is what I ride form the kids bike section over to the parts and accessories section when I'm feeling lazy...And gee it's nice.

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.. did not have a ??? Bike, I would get this one!
ohhhhh it's a Specialized.......

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And it even comes with a nice brown leather look saddle. Smiling

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It truly is a thing of beauty....

Gazza's All Mountain machine is a bargain @ $ 3,800!...they used to retail for $ 7,999 not so long ago.

Cheers, Hans


Happiness is a warm shcok.

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Dont do it Gazza! Smiling what MTB bikes will have left? Just the epic?

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Mate - I'll take this off your hands.

On the strict proviso that when you realise you can't ride where you want on the Epic or any other such XC machine you buy... you take it straight back for the same price.

Of course, payment will be delayed until that happens Eye-wink

Basically - I know it's a Specialized and all, but even so, IMHO you will really, really, really regret ditching your AM bike in a few months or so.

Hold on to it I say! Think how much it'll cost to replace down the track when you realise riding on a non-XC bike is much more fun on some trails Smiling

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I'm with Rob on this one.

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But won't we all just laugh and laugh if he proves you both wrong??? Smiling


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i have a long term plan????????

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is it 24 hour solo man? Majura is calling.

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this year's out of the question due to this back of mine that keeps going on me. i was on about a plan for bike ownership. selling the enduro to get a hardtail but later in the year i'll sell the epic for someting a bit more long distance and more relaxed but much lighter than the enduro with a little less travel. you could call it 'downsizing' but upgrading at the same time! confused? i am! Eye-wink

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Bad idea!

You have an XC bike that is fine and capable on any track. Upgrade that bike if anything....the Enduro is unique and soon to be an antique!

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is as i've said before. I'm adjusting my bikes to suit the kind of riding i'm doing. Having the enduro in the garage is just as much use as having a ten inch travel downhill bike. I just dont use it anymore! If i could afford to keep it in the collection i would but i cant so i have to sell it to give me the funds towards a bike that'll get much more use.

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Yeah, but we all know you own an Epic. While there's a gap between the Epic and Enduro, there's not much in between. Hence the comments that you should keep it as an AM bike. If you want us to stop banging on about how silly this is you best share your plan! Sticking out tongue

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and you'll all find out sooner or later. Basically, im getting a hard tail for short course and team xc racing. I still need a light full suspension bike for long distance stuff but will get rid of the epic mid year to make way for something thats lighter than the epic but has just a little bit more travel so i can still enjoy manly dam and red hill. Hey, you only live once and cant take it with you.

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It makes sense to me Gazza I daydream about other types of bikes now and again geared, SS, 26 and 29 but in reality they arent cheap (not the ones I like anyway) and more likely than not wouldnt get ridden very often as I really really like the one I have now.

Gazza has obviously worked out what he likes and isnt going to be distracted anymore.

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at last, someone who understands!

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Gazza has obviously decided the only possible upgrade is to a Yeti Smiling

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He wants to go fast it will be a 29er best bike for the longer races I am day dreaming about a Pivot Mach 429 today but its a lot of money for something I wont ride very much.

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Maybe he's getting one of those road bikes they ride and run with off-road - a Tosser I think it's called.

Go Big or Go Home

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it wont be a crosser, although i'd love one its not a priority. And no dylan, why get a yeti when the enduro isn't far from the weight of one. Something with about the same travel but a little bit lighter i think.

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So it'll be an Ibis Mojo then?

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a mojo is very high on the list. Probably number one. It's only a pipeline thing at the moment though. I'll get the enduro thing out the way first. That'll be later in the year and after a lot of deep thought.

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I recall you were fond of a brilliant white and red bling bike.

Are you still drooling over it?

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I like your plan!!!
will it be like this?

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once you have carbon you never go back....?

Enduro SL Pro Carbon
All Mountain: CLIMB HIGHER; DESCEND FARTHER. With six inches of plush travel and totally integrated suspension components, the Enduro SL begs you to climb higher and descend farther.

The SL's incredibly rigid E150 fork boasts a category leading stiffness-to-weight ratio, guaranteeing telepathic handling and faster accelerations. A totally integrated approach to suspension design and our patented Spike Valve, gives the E150 the same stability and bump management capabilities as the Enduro SL's AFR Shock.

FRAME: Specialized 9M carbon, Specialized AFR shock w/ 150mm travel
FORK: Specialized Futureshock e150 w/ 150mm travel
COMPONENT HIGHLIGHTS: SRAM S.0 rear derailleur, X.0 shifters; Shimano XT front derailleur, XT crank; Magura Marta brakes; DT Swiss XR 4.2 rims

but ...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...SEE FOR YOURSELF Eye-wink
There are two paths you can go by but in the long run........

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