You are here3months later still my best time...

3months later still my best time...

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By Checkmate - Posted on 17 March 2009

6 Dec 08

It's pretty much first time I timed it. Thought, I can easily beat it. Egggrrrr, not. 3 moths later still my best time.

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I think not! Dont give up the game just yet.keep trying. youll make up time on the flat stuff so push when its easy. and try it every week.try different starting places etc. also try doing spin classes at the gym. see you out there.

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Hi Pivot,
thanks for encouraging words! I need to cut down on my pancakes and loose a couple KGs. It's always work in progress! Smiling

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Pivot has it right. Just keep on working at it. And don't take it too seriously. Have a go every week or so, and when you've gotten past a hard bit (i.e. the "big hill"), resist the temptation to change down a gear or two. Just keep cranking in the gear you're in, then change up one or two.

Oh, and stay off the brakes! I improved my lap time to 32:52 today by a combo of the above methods. Plus I changed my start from the Hydro lab, to Wakehurst parkway - that way, the "big hill" was out of the way early!

Good luck mate!

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Yet again, thanks for the tips! And congrats to such a great time!!
I would never think about starting from somewhere else, good idea to make the ride a bit different. BTW, can you ride up the bit on wooden planks, with a couple of stone steps at the top before the right turn? I get stuck there every single time! .... Tony .

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Hi Mate,
As for the rock step ups (2 big steps, then some planks, and 1 more kinda double-step), I can't get them all every time, but today I got them all, and fast.

The first one down low is quite easy, just crank hard up to it and roll up it. I generally take the next left turn a little bit wide, and then crank up the next one. If I manage to get both of those, then the third one higher up tends to go as well.

I guess the trick is to choose the right gear, and always keep on pedaling. If I hesitate at all on the pedaling while going up either of the last two, I tend to not make it. As for gearing, I'm generally in the middle ring, and 3rd or 4th gear (from the largest) on the rear.

Hope that helps!

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What I struggle with is the last 2 meters, e.i. "1 more kinda double-step".
Yeap, the right gear, keep on paddaling & lift up the front in the right moment!

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You'll get it all mate! Just keep on trying Eye-wink

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