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Ourimbah State Forest - Sat 23rd 10am

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 17 September 2006

Hi People,

After my first experience riding with Rob this weekend I learned that a few of you are interested in hitting up Ourimbah state forest again sometime soon. I am planning on going out next Sat the 23rd for a few laps on the xc course.

Should be a great ride if the weather holds up.

I was thinking of meeting at about 10am at Ourimbah on Red Hill Rd.

If your not familiar on how to get there follow the link.

Hope to see you there.



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Yes, if this weather holds that's a cool excursion. We wondered blindly around last time so if you know the way all the better Eye-wink

10am is a smidgen too late if you ask me though, can you do earlier?

What's the transport situ like? As last time, I can take a couple of riders if it's vaugly on the way (up Pacific H/W from St Leonards).

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I can make it for 9am at red hill rd....? sound better.

I can drive myself but if there is room i'm at hornsby and would appeciate a lift.. we can figure it out later in the week i guess.

Advice to those who have not been before bring plenty of water and snacks to munch on following the ride.

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Loved the riding last time but not the sapping climbs ! Need to sort some stuff out first but interested. Will know closer to Weekend.

Early start good as only hour or so from Sydney.

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By the looks of the photos of your last trip up there you rode demtel hill, I applaud your efforts, its not an easy ride.

I only plan on riding the xc course which does not include demtel hill.

It ends up being about 7 km of sweet trail,hope to see you all there.

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Yeah, but what goes up....

I actually fancy taking a look up along the ridge if whoever else comes does. Looks like there's a nice descent over to the West... talk me out of it if you like Eye-wink

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Hey! If you keep it at 10 (or even later) I'd like to go. I am coming from the south, but I would like to join you. What do you say? Don't you need to sleep after drinking on Fridays night? Smiling

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Hey Fer,

You're lucky we're not proposing an 8:30 start. Trust me, with 30 degrees forecast that day the earlier the better.

A 9am meet at Ourimbah means I'll be leaving St Leonards around 7:45, that's not so bad is it?

Sam - depending on what Fargs is up to we can meet in Hornsby (around 8am?) and all go up in my car. When are you confirming Fargs?

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we're on. Going to bring my mate "oouch thats gotta hurt" Lodgey. Will share the ride up with him who will becoming up Pac Highway too.

Stick with 9am as it was hot last time we rode and this week its going to be worse.

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Hey guys,

I would love to join you on Saturday.
I used to ride a lot as a kid, but have only just returned to mountain biking. The point being, I don't want to hold you up if you were planning something serious. So let me know if I would be better off waiting for another beginner ride.

Otherwise, see you there.


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Feel free to come on sat however the ride does require a reasonable level of fitness and can be quite technical, I would rate it as an intermediate to advanced level ride. Good balance is essential on some of the climbing.

Rob how about i meet you at Wahroongah stn at 8am that way we are on the right side of the expressway on ramp.

I'll have the phone on.


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Thanks Sam, maybe I will sit this one out. Intermediate to advanced is probably not me just yet.

Have a good ride.


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Don't worry Iam not fit either, or in fact technical,or in fact any good. - why I am riding in Ourimbah ? There are a couple of killer climbs but do what we all do and push.

It can be hard work and you will be shagged out at the end of it but some great fun a long the way.

Rob's picture

Hey Fargs... I hate to admit it, but you've been here before and made some climbs and descents. OK, I wasn't paying that much attention, perhaps it was none too skillful, but managed all the same Eye-wink

If anyone out there is considering it, check out the Ourimbah write up. Also, check this profile:

This is from the last visit. Almost 23Km with over 800 vertical metres of climbing. OK - perhaps 125m of that was driven - but not my choice Eye-wink

Anyhow, you get the picture. If this is something you're up for then come along. If you'd rather say hi at something more sedate though - come to Terrey Hills on Sunday instead.

Rob's picture

It's amazing where you can go with someone who actually knows the way Eye-wink

Very nice day, despite a couple of little incidents on the downhill run.

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