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A bit about me (me being Speedy)

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By Speedy - Posted on 18 September 2006

Hey everyone, Just incase you are wondering, I made a mistake when siging up so I actual have 2 accounts, this one and the "Reed" username. so don't both with the Reed account because I'm leaving it.
But yeah. I am just completeting my HSC in late October so I will be riding Lizzard rock regularly on November. If anyone know anyone else who is looking to by a GT ruckus, I'm going to seel mine and get a Ironhorse Yakuza Aniki, The GT is the 2005 model but it has a nine gear cassette instead of an 8 gear cassette.
So yeah if anyone one what to go down Lizzard rock on any saturday then just give me an sms on my mobile.
cya on the tracks.

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Welcome Speedy - Binned the 'Reed' user for you. Lizard rock is a bit full on for my liking, but I'm sure someone is listening!


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Hey everyone, I was just wondering of anyone is interested in selling an old pair of shin pads? I need some but don't have the money.

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Good luck in the HSC speedy and Welcome!

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I was in the store in Chatswood the other day. We were looking for some shin pads for my GF and it's a bit of a problem - she's very small you see.

Anyhow - the owner said that he's seen people chop up old tires and strap them to their shins somehow (thick Velcro + elastic?). Won't stop the bruising much (well, you could glue latex foam on the inside to help with that maybe) but good enough to stop grazes and other problems. If you're looking for something cheap and have an old tire sounds worth a try?

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Another alternative is that if your not worried about knees is to buy a pair of soccer shin pads from Rebel Sport....there is a small option here its called kids...and they are usually cheaper too.

Hope this helps

Speedy check out another two online stores links below.... they may have new ones at a reduced rates, dont forget to factor exchange rate and shipping though...

Good luck

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