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Wheel Selection

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By Mr Lights - Posted on 29 May 2009

Hey Guys,

I am considering upgrading my my front fork and at the same time, upgrading my wheels as well. I will be looking at getting a FOX 36 TALAS and this has a 20mm thru axle so i will need a 20mm thru axle compatible hub.

Any suggestions for some all mountain style wheel sets? I have had a look at chain reaction and so on and have found some decent wheels but i wanted to get as much info as possible before making a final decision. What type of wheels are some of you guys running? I would like something that is strong that i do not have to worry about bending or so on.

The other option i have is to keep my current wheels and just re-build the front with a new hub. Any suggestions?


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Do yourself a favour and get some hubs that are convertible.

Hope Pro II have standard 9mm, QR15 & 20mm adapters (each sold separately). I'm very happy with my set (QR15) with Mavic 819 rims. These rims are meant for AM work, maybe get beefier rims if you're DH'ing - depends on what you want. These came from CRC (well, Hope are a pommie product after all), nice build although you have to wait a while for 'em.

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TWE is a good option.

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I've got Hope Pro II on Mavic XM719 with DB spokes. Great wheels, got Darren @ Boutique Bikes in Brisbane to build them & ship the down to Sydney & he's great to deal with.

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hubs are the 'business'. As Rob says they are universal with the right adapters.
I have 2 sets of wheels, both on these hubs. One front is QR, and the other is 20mm. They are good value, reasonably light and very durable.
Consider getting Chain reaction to build a custom set with the rims of your choice - mavics are good.
I run Stans rims myself, and have found them excellent as a tubeless rim. Far stronger than mavic 717, probably similar to the 819 tubeless model but lighter.

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Another thumbs up for the Hope from a pom. They don't really make anything that's rubbish, apart from perhaps their water bottles.

Stick some 819 rims on and you have a very serious set of wheels.

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Fox Talas 36 with Mavic crossmax sx.
works for me.

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Hope rear hubs make the best sound as you free wheel and have a look at DT Swiss rims.

2010 Fox Forks should be released next week (5/6 I think) - you can get the latest FIT technology or a maybe bargain on 2009 models.

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Does anybody use Mavic EN521 rims?

I have looked at the Mavic XM819 but i have no intentions of making the switch to a tubeless tire so the extra cost of going to a tubeless rim would be a waste.

Are there any other rims that i should be considering for all mountain use?

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Try the XM719 - non-tubeless all mtn. V. strong and can be converted easily to tubeless if needed with Stan's kit.

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are on my FAT and I'm very happy with them,
but will change to tubeless at some stage, too. Have already the XM819.
Mr Lights, you could buy the XM719 of me, if you like! I PM'd you.

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