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Sparrow Hill Forest Thinning

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By Le Matelot - Posted on 16 July 2009

This info was briefed to the riders at the CORC race at Sparrow last weekend (12 Jul):

The forestry thinning operations in Sparrow Hill originally planned for September have been brought foward & will now commence within the next two weeks. The first work will be on the compartments in the south section of the forest, adjacent to the railway line. Heavy cow will be the first singletrack affected by the work, & riders are requested to take note of all warning signs & “track closed “ signs. The track closures will be short term, so please do the right thing & stay out of any tracks which are off limits while the machinery is operating in each compartment.

There is also some survey work being undertaken in the area of the top gate at about the north/south midpoint of the forest. A path about 70m wide is being surveyed for new highway works.

So, if you're riding Sparrow from now on, please be careful of people and machinery doing their thing, and obey all the warning and "keep out" signs in various sections of the Forest.

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