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single track

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Golden Jubilee Flow Hot Lap

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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North Turramurra
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Its a loop but best place to start is probably on the firetrail in front of the pump track. Finish is where you started.
Must follow the flow track around the pump track. Must ride the single track up the hill, Not allowed to use the firetrail for a short cut.

No Short cutting!!! That includes the last two corners at the top.

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Kiwarrak trail head

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Back Yamma 100

Had a great day, bunged my shoulder in the first 10 mins. Kept on going and finished in around 6:30:00
Decided to head back to Sydney after a little nap.

mY profile is below:

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Downhill sniggle - part 2

A fast blast through the trees over various humps and bumps - it links together to form a rollercoaster of trail - some of the best sniggle at Mt Annan.

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Another creek crossing

Overlooking a creek crossing from a bluff, this steep downhill picks up speed quickly, then crosses a rock covered creek into a rock garden climb.

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The bridge creek crossing

A sweeping left bend over a bridge, with another to soon follow out of shot to the left.

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The mis-shapen gap jump

The photo makes it look smaller than it actually is, but this is a gap jump that needs some work to make the kick comfortable for XC machines. You can roll over the entire jump making it safe navigating.

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The Playground - continued

Some more techy sections... a couple of rocky roll-offs leading into a hairpin bend.

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The Playground

A chain of technical challenges: two log jump/roll-offs, leading into a large berm, then 4 consecutive rock gardens. A challenge for those that want it!

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