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Where are all the Downhill tracks?

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Hey everybody!
Just moved up the mountains.
From Lithgow so use to riding state mine & pony club. Looking for tracks from Katoomba - Penrith looking for tracks of similar grade.
Don't mind if it's push up or fire trail entry.
Vids & directions would be great.
Thanks Sam

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Tyre advice needed!

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I know that this topic has been covered already but I'm still unsure what tyres to choose. Basically, I'm from the UK where I used Tioga downhill tyres on my Planet X hard tail for just about every surface. I moved to Freo and chose Maxxis Cross Mark 26 x 2.10 front & rear because of its raised central bead, as I knew I would mainly be riding on roads, cycle paths, and the odd trail. I'm about to move up to Stoneville, right next to the old heritage railway line, which, as you know, is mainly pea gravel.

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Lower mountains eastern escarpment trails

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am a year 11 student currently doing a research project for geography. It involves picking an issue in your local area and researching it and providing the results in the form of a 10 minute presentation.

I have chosen to do mine on the Blue Mountains eastern escarpment bike trails as it interests me and i have seen the issue reported numerous times in the local paper.

I was wondering if anyone has any information, links, contacts ect. That would be able to help me with this work.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Blue Mountains?

I'm in the blue mountains this weekend and wondering if:
(a) anyone is keen for a ride on sat morning around 0830 start?
(b) any advice on where to go for a fun technical ride with a few hills etc. Around 2-4 hour ride?

Any info is appreciated at this very late notice.
You can drop me a line at


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Local Bike shop

Just wanting to know if anyone out there can recommend a bike shop in the Scrambletown area ( Campbeltown ) to get my Giant Anthem serviced after the beating it copped at the mont , And the Sydney 24 er....14 ! Have taken it to Chain Reaction in Cronulla and they were great but need something a little closer if possible

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Carbon seatpost help

I've just bought a carbon seatpost for the hardtail. I'm wondering can I just drop it in and tighten up as normal, or do I need to use some sort of anti-slip paste? It's an alumimium frame.

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inner tube help.

I've just bought a new 2.25 tyre to put on, but already have inner tubes at home which have tyre max of 2.125 will these innertubes be o.k to use with this tyre or will I need to buy larger ones?

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