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Deadly Green Snake

we'd only stopped for a short chat just after fixing a flat, when martinus spotted this little critter sunning itself on the trail. nearly rode over it with seeing it. could a hurt, lots.

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Reflective sidewalls make cool pictures

Oh dear, small faux-pas by this journo:

LOL... as someone rightly comments, "Ummm yes….nice….er, um sidewalls." Eye-wink

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Pop A Wheelie!


This site is going straight in my RSS feed... pure gold Laughing out loud

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txtng while drvng

Sort of not funny:

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1st Endurance anyone?

Something just isn't right in this ad... and I don't mean that this stuff is being advertised by scummers Eye-wink

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Gazza Learns to Fly

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

And you thought his riding gear was embarrassing!

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