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trail advocacy

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NPWS Workshop Site Visit (Bantry Bay)

Discussing various issues with the Bantry Bay area.

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NPWS Workshop Faces

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Smiling faces from this morning's NPWS facilitated sustainable cycling and mountain biking workshop.

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Friends Of Warringah Meet To Discuss MTB Single Trail

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Manly Daily Wednesday Oct 7,2009

Page 6: Search for middle ground on bike use.

A proposal to allow mountain bike riders to use single trails in national parks will be one of the several topics discussed at the next meeting of the friends of warringah tonight at the North Curl Curl SLSC........

The entire story can be found here

There are some interesting quotes from Richard Michell (spokesperson for Friends Of Warringah) in regards to "middle ground".

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RNP Cycling Plan - Updated and requires volunteers

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The below was forwarded to me by a club member and looks like good news for Royal National Park (aka. RNP, Nasho) riders.

Note that NPWS are asking for trail maintenance volunteers and offering parks passes as added incentive.

Contact the email given if you are interested. And comment here to encourage others? Smiling

Update: The first day has been arranged, details here:

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LNCP Public Planning Meeting

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Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 18:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Meeting Point: 

North Ryde RSL Community Club (Pittwater and Magdala Roads– North Ryde).

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

This is not a ride, but everyone who is interested in riding in Lane Cove National Park should attend!

Please register your attendance (name and number of people) by COB 14th August to either: (preferred)
Tel: 02 8448 0400

It is a public session being run by NPWS where they will be discussing the review of the current Plan of Management. A show of support for riding in the park would very much help the cause.

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Oxford Falls closed sections: where is this heading?

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I went for a ride at Oxford Falls (Morgan Road) yesterday, in the rain, very early. I haven't been there for 5 years so I was a tad uncertain about where all the tracks are and how they'd look, although I used to ride there pretty regularly so I did know my way about in a general sense.

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"Cycling infrastructure needs work"

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Hi all,

This popped up on my uni site- regarding cycling infrastructure etc...

And the Medical Journal of Australia editorial they are referring to...

And the rather disturbing article that brought it all about...

Lots of great references in there for people to use when advocating for trail infrastucture - the Medical Journal of Australia can't be wrong...


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Australian Cyclist Nov/Dec Issue

Anyone got a copy of this? Manly Dam got a nice write up and Cupcake got himself in it not once but twice!!! Even down to the point where you can see the words "cupcake" written on his bike.

When is the next trail maintenance day on the dam?


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