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Bureaucrat's Errors Mean closure for Manly Dam

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Manly Dam Access Changes Feb 2010

Update: Want to show support for riding at Manly Dam? Sign up to Manly Dam - Save the date and come along!

Update 17/2: Press coverage of this:

Update 22/2: Warringah Council issue a FAQ " response to many letters and emails received..."

Update 24/2: Track will be re-opened to riders but at the expense of walkers. Press coverage here:

I just don't know how to put this, so am going to just get straight to the point:

Manly Warringah Council have decided that due to a bureaucratic error that happened many years ago the single track sections of the Manly Dam circuit have never actually been technically legal riding. As such, instead of turning a blind eye, or deciding to make an extra effort to work around what is their mistake, they are to penalise riders by closing sections of the track.

If you look at the linked map, it's obvious that the circuit is basically unridable given this decision.

They are sighting safety concerns for this, but that is a complete joke as, as far as I'm aware there have been no documented incidents involving riders and another party there. I spoke to the Mayor on Wednesday night who admits this isn't an issue as he is aware of "only one incident in 5 (or is that 10?) years" (he wasn't sure of the timeframe).

Please take a look at the closed sections on the map (and you note the map says that 'Penalties Apply') and steer clear of these tracks.

Reading the release it seems this will be discussed at an extraordinary meeting of the council Mar 23 to discuss this. I'd advise anyone with interest in riding Manly Dam to attend. You might also like to email or call councillors (their contact details are available on Warringah's Elected Council page) with your views on this.

Please see the attached map, and full press release below:

Manly Dam Reserve media release

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