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Mogo social?

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By Rob - Posted on 14 September 2009

How rude! Sticking out tongue

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Once I recovered from the shock of you POSTING that photo, I have decided its very good as it will be a reminder when the memory fades – of just how very very much I hated that ride and that I will never ever go there and do that one again!

Buck's picture

You'll be back Blondie. With the Dirtworks 100 and Full Fling under your belt you won't be able to resist this one Sticking out tongue

Damien's picture

What a great pic.

CB's picture

C + P

Good to chat out on the course

I have to say that I'm surprised your think the ride was tough..... When I saw you, you both looked fresh as daisies !


christine's picture

on pikeys face at having a break from me to chat to you!!

Noel's picture

Putting the finger aside, you look 'strong' in the photo Christine. You look like a natural born leader!

ar_junkie's picture

*Grabs popcorn and waits for the show to begin... nom nom nom...

Colt's picture

PMSL. Christine for PM? Sticking out tongue

christine's picture

you lot are EVIL!!!

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