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Angry Doctor & Irate Intern 2009

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By Hans - Posted on 04 February 2009

Sunday, 13 September, 2009 - 07:00
9 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Mogo State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Mogo village would be as good as any.


12-13 September 2009
Mogo, Eurobodalla Coast NSW
Entries Open 1 May 2009

Each year the event sells out in just a couple of weeks with many disappointed people scrambling to go on the waiting list. We are hoping to get permission to increase numbers but initially registrations will be capped as per last year.

We have been checking out other MTB locations and apart from some awesome trails in the USA we visited last year the Mogo tracks are still the best we have found in Australia. And the beach is right there for a post ride surf or swim - perfect!!

The Irate Intern and first 50km of the Angry Doctor are the same as 2008. The second 50km for the Angry doctor course will be introducing some new single track - it just keeps getting better.

We guarantee awesome single track, beautiful berms, rolling hills and exciting fire trails. As Hugh Flower from City Bike Depot said "This must be some of Australia's best, yet undiscovered mountain bike trails - you just can't get enough!".

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, Heckler, christine, Buck, evan, Nic, GAZZA, 1ozarch, Bruce, kiwiboy, raymov, ar_junkie, leximack, jpack, Steve 01, dkido, Nick R, lozza6, pieboy98, garyinoz, steveb, CB, Hans, LadyToast, philberesford, Supagav, Chris S, BT, spart, Checkmate, jdb, Glen, Bubble, PIVOT MACH 5, cRAZY Canuck, darkmuncan, dangersean, mv103, Bikeboy, kiwigirl, Sascha, Bikes, Steve C, wilbur, Dicko, metty, king_nelly, bcirulis (49 riders)
Rob pikey Heckler christine Buck evan Nic GAZZA 1ozarch Bruce kiwiboy raymov ar_junkie leximack jpack Steve 01 dkido Nick R lozza6 pieboy98 garyinoz steveb CB Hans LadyToast philberesford Supagav Chris S BT spart Checkmate jdb Glen Bubble PIVOT MACH 5 cRAZY Canuck darkmuncan dangersean mv103 Bikeboy kiwigirl Sascha Bikes Steve C wilbur Dicko metty king_nelly bcirulis
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
jdb What fun... Finished 205 100km/Male/Open 98
Checkmate broken chain on the 1st km :) Finished 344 100km/Male/Open 192
v The dust and the heat Finished 05:42:40 100km/Female/Elite 4
Nick R Enjoyed it a lot more this year Finished 06:23:44 139 100km/Male/Veteran 32
LadyToast Gurcha Finished 06:31:58 161 100km/Male/Open 77
philberesford "The Angry Dr will rip your legs off" Finished 07:22:10 288 100km/Male/Open 150
Buck Second time fail...maybe next year Finished 09:04:49 100km/Male/Open
BT Completing the 100K was the... Finished 09:21:11 442 100km/Male/Open 242
Rob The correct way to DNF Did not finish 03:43:26 100km/Male/Open
FieldofMars A view from the other side - the Marshall's Art Did not start

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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ar_junkie's picture

This will be my 3rd time I am entering, so hopefully I will get to do this race...
Can't wait!

Buck's picture

Nooooo the hills! OK I'm in Smiling

dangersean's picture

Just not quite sure how I will bring myself to head out for the second 50km, passing the start/finish after the first 50km hillfest. BRING IT ON!

Brian's picture

I will probably stay Sunday night as well. Last year after only doing the 50 the drive home was impossible. I ended up having a sleep on the side of the M7.

PS. I better pack the ay-ups since this year I intend on doing the 100 Eye-wink

Buck's picture

You just need company on the drive home. Last year I did the 100km and then drove the 5hrs back with Rob Loz and Tien.
I actually had to drive Rob's car as he lay down in the race. Loz smashed out a great first 100km time and was buggered and Tien falls asleep the moment he sits down!
We kept ourselves amused enough.

Brian's picture

That was the plan last year but Mr Bloot pulled the pin at the last minute.

leximack's picture

wife approval - check
friends lined up for road trip - check
Legs to climb 2800m - Shocked not yet

i am there, wanted to do this last year but didnt line up with other committments, this yr i am locking it in early.
better get some hill training in Eye-wink


PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Arriving home about mid august so ill have a few weeks to get fit...see you there!

leximack's picture
dangersean's picture

the 100

bring it on!

garyinoz's picture

Due to the fact I'm supposed to be running the half marathon the following weekend....thats my excuse anyway!

CB's picture

Signed up for the 100.

I know the website said 2800m climbing but I heard a few people last year say it was actually more ( it certainly felt like more to me )

Does anyone out there have an accurate record from last year ?

Time for some hill training....


LadyToast's picture

Last year I broke 2 ribs in the first 20km's and subsequently hated the rest of it. What do I do? Enter again of course Smiling

Nick R's picture

According to my Garmin from last year. Time to start some serious hill training....

GAZZA's picture

hopefully the back doesn't play up this time.!

Bikeboy's picture

Does that mean i am now a big sooky la la . Or is there a pretty good mix of Nobmobers in either one ....i will probably get lost anyway and end up doing 100 k

Rob's picture

Don't worry - you can't get lost and accidentally do the 100 as the 50Km course is first half of the 100 and returns to start/finish.

philberesford's picture

Just completed my first Dirtworks 100, now I'm in for the Angry Doctor 100

Bring it on!

BT's picture

I've just entered and this will be my first 100KM event.

What have I done?!!

pikey's picture

Oh well, guess I am now waiting for the sick, injured or week to pull out Eye-wink


BT's picture

Whoah! That didn't take long!

Supagav's picture

BUGger S*!T I missed out on an entry!!!
I guess im second in que after Pikey.

Paul's picture

I was leaning towards giving this a go (the 6 hours drive there and back was the main deterrent).

Now the decision has been made for me.

Heckler's picture

I'm in the far que as well, lets hope a few drop out of the 100k Doc soon.

mtnbike's picture

if you guys want me to drive a bus down with the trailer (still constructing but looks like 24 bikes will fit) I'd be willing. I've got family down there and can orgnise for a bus etc. Let me know if you're interested. I'd do it for the cost of transport divided by the riders.

Will Levy

mclutterham's picture

Anyone know of any unwanted entries to the Doctor?
I am desparate for an entry, so if you can help please call me message me.

christine's picture

after having accommodation booked but no entry I now have a 50k entry - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Gary (and your parents...)

MEEE Smiling

spart's picture

who is up for a few hill trainings over the coming weekends. Suggestions welcome...


christine's picture

I will be riding my very favourite trails - you know Towlers (yes Jeff!!) Cascades and also the Oaks up and back.. can't wait... Smiling

kiwigirl's picture

Hey has anyone got a spare room or bed for the Mogo weekend. I have an entry in 50km but no bed yet Sad
Let me know when you are training Christine and I will be there! Smiling

christine's picture

mildred back so will start next weekend i guess - will go for a social spin with myself this weekend as i haven't ridden for over a week...

Nick R's picture

Apparently there are fires to the NW of Mogo in the area that the Angry Doctor / Irate Intern is in

Hopefully they will get it under control and it wont impact the course

BT's picture

All good regarding the fires. Latest newsletter (31st August) from AROC -

Netti MTB Enduro - Newsletter 2
You may have seen that there is a bit of fire activity around the South Coast and Mogo area. There are no fires on the course and it is looking like any near by fires will be under control this week. So all should be good for the event.

There has been no rain in the area for over 4 months. Unlike previous years there is not a drop of water on the course (except for the salt water crossing). It is very, very dry and dusty. You should bring lots of chain lube and take some with you to re-apply on the course. You should also consider bringing a dust mask or buff or something to cover your nose/mouth from the dust.

Remember, if you are transferring your entry to another rider they need to bring an email or letter from you confirming the transfer. Transfers can only be done on the Saturday at registration and there is a $30 transfer fee that applies.
The updated 2009 Competitor Brief is up on the website. Please make sure you read this carefully. Also course profiles have been updated.

The Mogo Public School will be running a BBQ on the Saturday afternoon for the Nasty Nurse Prologue and Registration. The kids will also be running a fresh lemonade stall. So please come and support them in their efforts to raise money for their school.

Eurobodalla Tourism welcomes competitors an visitors to the third Netti MTB. They encourage you to get out and see the region while you’re here to experience the Batemans Marine Park, 83 spectacular beaches, vast tracts of wilderness, national parks, reserves and forest which cover more than 70% of the land, the abundant wildlife and picturesque historic and coastal villages. Eurobodalla will bring out your better come back soon!

Note that if you didn't receive newsletter 1 you can access it from the website or click here.

Keep on riding….
The AROC Team

v's picture

pictures are up Smiling
Congratulation to everyone who finished the 100km !!!!

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