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View from the top of Carbanzo!

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By chica - Posted on 19 October 2009

the ride to the top of the mountain was spectacular! we stopped off for some lunch and a beer (photo was taken from the cafe balcony) before heading down the mountain. Paul's instruction to me was to just follow Blue Velvet and you'll be right!. So off Paul and Pete went and i followed. The first section of the mountain is so steep I had to get off and walk my Harley chopper (specialised demo) down the super steep sections as it felt like the bike was going to take off from underneath me!. Once back on the bike i followed all the Blue Velvet signs until i got to a quad bike with some rescue crew on board who were coming to the aid of a guy how had gone over the edge of the track (very tight corner and a bit soft) - second rescue on this section for the day. There was a closed sign across the Blue Velvet track and i was like ' i need to follow the BV track cause Paul said so...'. The rescue crew said i could go through and so i followed the track and then came to the mother of all wooden berms, it was like a wooden tsunami! photos of the berm follow.


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