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Super Downhill with Delicious

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By delicious - Posted on 07 July 2009

Sunday, 13 September, 2009 - 09:00
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

At the chairlift, Whistler Mountain Bike Park, BC, Canada.

50.116781,-122.959242 (Whistler Mountain Bike Park, BC, Canada)

I reckon it will be tops to ride this particular mtb park for some good solid lift accessed enjoyment so grab your full face and armour and join me for some top purpose built and professionally maintained trails.
This would suit experienced riders best, however one doesn't need to be a downhiller or freerider to participate. There are trails for most skill levels here. Also, Whistler is about far more than what is seen on the popular videos. There are lots of general purpose xc trails similiar to Sparrow Hill and more challenging all mountain trails that won't present you with a massive drop. Remember folks, this is about fun, and enjoying Whistler MTB park, not Whistler Hospital. Downhill riding can be about riding down a hill at a great pace, hitting the berms and getting a bit of air. It doesn't have to be about launching off a cliff...
I'll be here for two weeks. This ride meeting will be valid for that time period, so come join me for the best time you can possibly have while fully clothed.

Who's in?
delicious, chica, Paul_J
delicious chica Paul_J
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chica Whistler photos finally posted Ok so i finally got photos of our Whistler trip posted! (found under ). Paul and I had planned a trip to the US and Canada (4 week holiday - 5 days in NY then picked up a car in LA and drove up the West Coast with a...

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Canberra rides ,I may just have to have a re-think on my social skills.......deodorant .......breath .....clothes......humour...or the fact that i actually post these damn rides in the first place ....

Enjoy Whistler Pete

How did i get here ?

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in September so might just swing on by for a few days. Don't know if i will join you guys for the 'Super Downhill' action but will certainly give the rest of the trails a crack.

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I think Montana and I might join Pete for a couple of runs down A line. Much warmer in Whistler at this time of year.
And of course youre welcome to join us at Northstar and Moab Pete!

See you there.

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Hi Pete

May see you there...heading to Canada in Sept/Oct.

Are you taking the good bike? Eye-wink

Rgds, Hans

May all your lines be the right ones...

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I didn't read the part that said this was a September ride!
Was just about ready to pack my bag & head off to the airport Eye-wink
Oh well back to dreaming.

Have a good time Pete.

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I'll be renting a Spesh Demo while I'm there. This is because I have a lot of fear of my bike being poorly handled or perhaps even mysteriously vanishing whilst in the care of United Airlines. Also, my cheap airfare doesn't have a large baggage allowance.
Also, I'll be selling my Glory pretty soon because it has a brand spanking new frame because I cracked the old frame, and whilst the new frame is in a pristine condition hopefully the sale will occur faster.

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You lucky sods. I've just been watching guys round around Whistler in the Collective DVD's, and it looks spectacular. Some of it bloody hair raising, but spectacular nonetheless. Enjoy it and milk it for eveything it's worth!


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ok so we have warmed up the trails for your arrival Pete - Paul did a few runs yesterday arvo and today we hit the trails for 7hrs, damn my arms hurt, i think by tomorrow i will have arms of steel.

heaps of Aussies here - alot of them working but also a few on holidays doing the MTB thing.

Red Bull Exudos is in town today/tomorrow so should see some young guns (who are not in Canberra) showing us how its all done!

probably do some cross country stuff tomorrow and do another DH session on Sunday if the weather stays good.

not sure when we will be leaving Whistler - what day do you actually get here?

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I arrive in Vancouver on Tuesday the 8th in the arvo local time and in Whistler sometime Saturday the 12th. My first ride day will be the next day, so please stay until at least then, however we ought to have dinner together on Saturday night.
Ride safe you two.

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