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Whistler photos finally posted

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By chica - Posted on 19 October 2009

Re: This ride meeting: 
Super Downhill with Delicious

Ok so i finally got photos of our Whistler trip posted! (found under ). Paul and I had planned a trip to the US and Canada (4 week holiday - 5 days in NY then picked up a car in LA and drove up the West Coast with a detour to Donneville (Near Lake Tahoe) to ride (and test ride a SC Blur, Nomad and Ibis Mojo) then back into Oregon, drive through Washington and into Canada, thru Montana, Idaho, Utah, and back into Calif) and as luck would have it Delicious had also planned a trip to Whistler around the same time. Paul and I arrived into Whistler a few days before Delicious to warm up the trails and picked Delicious up a few days later from Vancouver. With the 3 of us in town we hit Whistler village for some dinner and a couple of drinks, which for the boys turned into a couple more rums and lets just say that the next morning some of us were not feeling so crash hot. But Delicious cooked us some tasty eggs and bacon for breaky and we were off to ride for the day!

The photos posted were taken on our last day in Whistler (what started as a 3 day trip to Whistler ended up being a week) and we ran out of time to take more photos as the sweepers came through and told us it was time to get off the mountain. Next time I will start taking photos earlier on in a trip.

We had a great time and hope to go back. This place has something for everyone and i don't just mean mountain biking. There are hikes, drives, shopping (which i managed to do well at) and just chilling out. The riding is for all levels and there is also great XC riding available too.

we hired bikes but next time we would take our own - much cheaper! we met heaps of aussies who were over there for 2-6 weeks and all had taken their bikes and gear.

flying to the US or CA is so cheap now (we paid AUD$880 return on V Australia) with addition of 2 more carriers flying the AU/US lane. So do yourself a favour and start planning for the 2010 summer!

I'm sure the guys (Paul and Delicous) will add their thoughts Smiling

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