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29er Dually Carlgroover sponsored by JETBLACK PRODUCTS

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By Supagav - Posted on 02 February 2009

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Gavin and Vanina(2009 Australian XC Champion) were arriving at my place to ride at 7.30 so I put the banner up before they arrived.

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Why aren't you riding down the stairs though? Eye-wink

Banner is nice - so you'll have this at all the events? Why don't you take some spray paint (or something more suitable?) and write, "Unstoppable! Powered by..." along the top? Smiling

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I should have ridden the stairs my son does.
I guess I'll keep the banner for other events Rob, I just mentioned I was doing the 8hr this weekend so the Guys just said put this up if I wanted to.
I should ask where they get them made because we want some NoBMoB ones don't we?

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