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THe Yeti is born

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By Supagav - Posted on 23 January 2009

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Is this baby getting her first test run this weekend?

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It sure is, nationals will be an interesting testing ground for it. Saved over a kg in weight from the trance as well. I think V might be a bit quicker now. She certainly likes it so far.

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I thought you would've saved well more than 1KG! Laughing out loud

Looks very bling!! niice Smiling

Even if she's not quicker.. she'll now have trail 'presence' hehehe

I've since lost that.... I miss it! Sticking out tongue

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Gav and V that's a sweet looking ASR (I've always liked the black).

What does it weight?

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It built up to 11.1kg without any upgrades. So there is a bit of room to drop some weight.

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Get rid of that water bottle cage and call it sub 11kg

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I didn't want to because I've never met V but I have visions of her "landing heavy", the bottle falling out and causing all sorts of problems

'Tis a nice bike though, well for a Yeti atleast Smiling

Good luck V and congrats on the "sponsorship" deal

Let there be light

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