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Blue Velvet Wooden berm continued

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By chica - Posted on 19 October 2009

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is anyone else thinking that's a bit over the top? i.e. it's more skate park than mountain biking!

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... I'd imagine that would become very skatey.

Looks like fun, though. Pity I'm too old for that stuff...

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plenty of dirt to be found before the start of the wooden berm and just right of the flat decking. it sure makes for an interesting feature on this trail but then again that is all of Whistler... just before this wooden berm a guy had gone over the edge of the trail and was getting rescued by the ambos. he must have been going too fast into the trail opening and hit some soft dirt on the egde.

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Where is this place? looks awesome.

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Canada dude... Smiling

Check this for an interesting comparison... note the 1200m vertical drop! Laughing out loud

Whistler/Rotorua/WSN Belrose Comparison

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this trail is accessed from the top of the Garbanzo lift, highest lift you can take in the MTB park. Some of the sections were too steep for me and I had to get off and walk one of the sections as the trail surface was loose and i reckon at about 45 degrees or more. great views all the way down though!

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This place rocks when there is snow on the ground as you know the place is huge !!

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Looking at the photo of the approach into that structure, I have a better appreciation for why downhillers go for big-ass 8" rotors and 4-pot calipers.

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last year i hired a downhill bike, it was like riding a Harley, I just held on. i reckon my arm muscles grew a few cm from braking that week. This year i took my Santa Cruz Blur LTc and it did just fine, but then again i'm not doing crazy jumps and launching myself off the side of a mtn. the speed that you pick up on some of the Whistler trails is crazy, they are just so well built and flow. BYOB saved me $100 a day hire.

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We spent 3 weeks riding Whistler, Sun Peaks and Silverstar.

That burm is awesome but has nothing on a berm in silverstar.
The silver star burn is about 10feet high and you can overtake a rider by going above him. Its made of plywood and is awesome in the dry but very scary in the wet. Whistler is a great place and the riding is aimed at the average rider. Most jumps and drops have alot of room for error and mostly are table tops.

Sunpeaks is another story. It is very raw. Every jump is a double and big. There are a couple of tracks that are the steepest I have ever ridden and they were covered in 3-4 inches of red dust. If you were following someone there was no chance of seeing where you were going.

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